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The Rory/Axis conflict will be a major plot point.

In light of Axis' "The day you replace me as the top earner is the day I give a shit about what you think" and Rory's later determination to take Reed as his exclusive to be the top earner and to prove himself, Rory will get sick and tired of Axis' attitude, and once he gets the Reed situation normalized, he'll show a good dose of character development in flavour of growing balls and giving Axis a taste of them. The conflict between them will be a major plot element. Rhys might be included, knowing his taste for spirited (redhead) kitties and his love for teasing Axis like he had a death wish.

The cause of Rory's being in the Teahouse is his Twincest with his sister.

Rory was sold to the brothel either to keep them apart (if his sister was receptive/they had a relationship) or to keep something from happening (if she was oblivious).

Reed's cousin Gloria will come in between Rhys/Axis in a big way.

Unhappy with her future husband's affair with a whore, Rhys's fiancee will try to sabotage their relationship. Possible methods include having Axis sent to another brothel, or, if she's really as bitchy as Rhys says, buying his exclusivity and using him to keep Rhys under control.

  • Which will royally piss off Axis, seeing how much he likes his job. Him trying to get rid of the deal would be a major plot element of its own.
    • Although with that rack, Axis will be thrilled to be her exclusive boytoy. Right until he realises Gloria is not going to employ him. At that point, all hell will break loose.
  • Seeing Axis' (proven and consistent) popularity the exclusivity won't come at any reasonable price, Axis will once again be the top earner in the house...
    • ...which leads to another switch in rooms between him and Rory. Reed won't be pleased.
  • The actual money that goes into the deal might be discussed further, seeing how she would likely have to tap into her family's money, her dowry, or even Rhys' budget (if he becomes King sooner rather than later)
    • Especially if Rhys decides he'll beat Gloria's offer... In the worst case he just cannot gather the needed money on his own without ruining the royal budget, and he'll have to start asking... This might lead to interesting political consequences, seeing how it's the heir apparent looking to buy a whore at an insane price. Rhys cannot just go to Axis' other earlier customers and talk them into pooling in for a shared exclusivity (yes it sounds stupid but as long as Xanthe gets his swag it's doable), you know, because he's a prince. Then again if he goes to his own circles, chances are most of them aren't going to be interested in Axis so he'll need to offer something for them helping him out.

Reed will be the Uke half of the equation.

Why else would the print issue showcase Rory's... special traits if that weren't the case?

  • Maybe Reed just, I dunno, likes big wangs. Maybe he even dislikes effeminate, unmanly guys. Oh wait, he does.

Lilith's name is meaningful.

She's Xanthe's first lady so to speak, but will face banishment for her behaviour... Time for "Eve" to step up.

  • Would Yvette count for Eve? :P
    • Yvette is the feminine form of Yves, which is pronounced like Eve! o.o

Something significant happened eight years ago between Xanthe and Linneus.

Xanthe's dad died eight years ago. Linneus has been wondering whether he's just a whore to Xanthe for the last eight years. What does this mean?

Linneus was inherited by Xanthe, that's clear. But did he enter the courtesan world before or after that? In what form? How old is he anyway? Did something else change when daddy Atros died?

In the world of Teahouse, Vibrating dildos are only used by, and are created for, rich aristocrats, and are a very recent invention.

This is why Claret freaked out when she found out it could vibrate, and why Linneus said he hadn't seen "one like it" before-- vibrating toys are a new thing in this world.

  • Sounds relatively plausible! You'd suppose whores of all people would know sex toys inside out, if not from practice then at least from Mercutio's collections...

There is something extra special about the Love Craft (TM) Magic Fantasy 3500

(In addition to the phoenix feather inside it.)

Because why else wouldn't Xanthe let Mercutio have one? The courtesans get to keep their gifts and tips and it makes little sense for Xanthe to forbid Mercutio from buying something he wanted. And judging by page 114, Mercutio must have had passionate dreams of owning a LCMF 3500.

The Love Craft (TM) Magic Fantasy 3500 will be a plot point

Now that Mercutio waltzed away with his newest darling, it will turn out that Xanthe forbade him from having one exactly because it would make him way too happy. Before soon Mercutio will have fallen into some kind of happiness-induced coma, and Xanthe will be breathing in Rory's neck to make enough money to make up for the lost revenue. And seeing how Mercutio is (very likely) the only kink artist in the Teahouse, that might be quite a sum... Which means more pressure on Rory, yay :P

Liard will seek revenge.

Was Liard just a throwaway character to set up the story in motion? No. He had Linneus' exclusivity and was thrown out from the Teahouse in a humiliating way. Liard will seek revenge. What's more...

...remember Gilder, our friend the "treecutter"?