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"If you order now, I'll throw in a second beating absolutely free!"

It's pretty much better than TF2 in every possible way now. Except for the total lack of hats. Guess we know who the real pros are around here.

It has become such an Ascended Meme that, on certain pages of the offical TF2 website, the game is described as a "War-themed hat simulator".
  1. A snowclone, courtesy of the "Meet the Heavy" video. The orignal line is "It costs $400,000 to fire this weapon... for 12 seconds."
  2. "Bullet" as filtered through Heavy's Funetik Aksent.
  3. Another snowclone. The original sentence is "Some people think they can outsmart me. Maybe. Maybe. I've yet to meet anyone who can outsmart bullet."
  4. The end of the Soldier's rant in the "Meet the Soldier" video. Used to unfavorably compare something, such as: "And from that day forward, any time a bunch of animals are together in one place it's called a Zoo/Tzu. ...Unless it's a farm!"
  5. From the "Meet The Sniper" video. Actually a slightly modified version of the motto of the USA Marines, it is used as a general Badass Boast.
  6. From the "Meet the Spy" video, the warning that the BLU Spy gives to the BLU team about the RED Spy. Another general Badass Boast.
  7. The Demoman's line at the end of the "Meet the Demoman" video. Yet another Badass Boast.
  8. The Engineer's advice in the "Meet the Engineer" video. Solves all problems.
  9. In "Meet the Medic", this short exchange between the Medic and the BLU Spy's severed head prompted yet another TF2 snowclone, generally used for anything that will probably never be done: (Such as "Make Half-Life 3." "Later.")
  10. Another exchange prompted another snowclone, generally used when asked a question someone has no expertise in or doesn't want to answer.
  11. The universe's Memetic Badass and CEO of Mann Co. in the supplemental material. There's eventually a popular community-made mod where the entire RED Team fights against Hale. And usually loses to him.
  12. Since this game is meant to take place in the 1960's, the Irish get treated as Acceptable Targets in-universe.
  13. A Soldier with a memorable style of movement (sliding around walls and floors while making shotgun sounds) who eats people, after delivering his catchphrase "I am Painis Cupcake. I will eat you" (mashed together from several different voice commands), and a Slasher Smile. Spawned from a YouTube video made using Garry's Mod, quickly leading to several imitators and an even greater number of fan videos starring the "character". Seems to have created a pseudo-tradition of using music by Grant Kirkthorpe as background music for TF2/GMod videos.
  14. When the Engineer's facial muscle sliders are set to a strange position, the Engineer's mouth twists into something resembling a vagina. In his earliest known appearance in a video by J16FOX, Vagineer became an Eldritch Abomination, and according to Fanon has many strange powers such as shooting his own limbs off at people and vomiting bile. He also only speaks in reverse, with the exception of occasional growls, and the word "Gottam". Like Painis Cupcake, several imitations have been made using similar facial muscle slider abuse and reverse speech.
  15. Oddscout, unlike his regular counterpart is slow, yet he's one of the few creatures/monsters to not appear in Gary's Mod.
  16. A Garry's Mod joke where characters tend to announce each other's deaths, mainly Scout citing that "I'm dead" or Heavy simply chiming in with "dead"
  17. A fad which starts with a class saying something along the lines of "(Class) is (thing)!" (achieved by using the "Spy!" command when pointed at a particular person) or by saying "I am (Thing)!". Then Video then goes on to show that class being the thing. Originaly starting with AR Master with "SCOUT IS DELICIOUS", it has since spawned many variations.
  18. A popular fad started by Youtube user Raikujo, featuring lightning-fast killings of classes, usually in succession, set to "Bãtutã Din Moldova" from Rabbids Go Home. Each one
  19. Popular meme of a player named Chozo who goes on a hilarious cursing rage allowing many memes such as the one above. The rage-induced player is often mentioned in TF2 message boards and forums whenever someone mentions the best player of all time.
  20. An older fad started by NearElite. Each video basically sums up each map in under a minute. Each video is set to the music "Intruder Alert." Usually, the following is involved: ridiculous amounts of sentries, utter annihilation of the other team at chokepoints, and excessive amounts of Snipers. A lot of the time, the Snipers are stabbed by Spies that appear behind them, set to sad music.
  21. The HWM stands for "hard-ware morph", and in Garry's Mod, when faceposing, the models produce more distorted results, particularly with Team Fortress 2 models.
  22. The Engineer running up to the camera, his helmet inexplicably levitating, him saying "Nope.", then telescoping his neck after it like a turtle. Has seen plenty of use on message boards as "nope.avi" or an ASCIII image whenever the context calls for someone answering in the negative. There's also "Yeah!", the opposite version where the Engineer's neck squashes downwards.
  23. A crossover meme with Skyrim. "Poo Tis Pow" is the Heavy's version of "Fus Ro Dah" using the Showdown taunt to fling enemies around. With proper timing, it is possible to pull this off in-game.
  24. The G.E.W.P. started as a joke by SIN/NISLT, about protecting and helping out F2P Engineers from trolling, destructions of their family nests, and other forms of wildlife threats. Fans took this joke and expanded it to actually helping F2P gamers, including F2P Engi, made an intricate lore, were G.E.W.P was fighting against the Anti-G.E.W.P (aka the Anti-G.E.W.P), a well intentioned extremists, who wants to protect other Badlands endangered species from the Gibus Engi, which they see as a habitat destroyer.
  25. Who see Gibus Engineers as a very invasive species that are causing habit destruction of other species, like the Spycrab and Hoovies, so they work to preserve the environment. Though some guys in this group took a joke way to seriously, to mean trolling F2Ps, including aspiring Engineer mains, hating new players to the point of bullying, due to match imbalancing, and such (They have a bit of a legitimate reasons to hate F2Ps, it's due to rude and overtly arrogant F2P refusing to listen to sound criticism and advice). Also, they see GEWP as a bit hypocritical, at times, too coddling of F2Ps (which will hamper the newcomers' learning skills), and NISLT fans who are doing jack.
  26. The Dancing Doe Soldier misc was nicknamed as the "Ricardo Hat", since it's a reference to Ricardo Milos, a Brazilian dancer. Since it contains a patterned bandana, a golden necklace, and a soul beard.
  27. Based on some of the groups from LoneWolfHBS's Cult of Personality series, but fans took it and ran wild with it. So, LWHBS had a "My God, What Have I Done?" moment when he saw the mess and put the series on hiatus, until the dust settles and only then will the remaining "CoP" series returns.
  28. Put dispenser here! --Heavy
  29. "Gotta Move that gear up!" --Engineer
  30. "Pain is weakness leaving the body!" --Soldier; used in a similar context as "Pingas" from Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog's Robotnik
  31. One of the Scout's lines is "Need a dispenser here". Not only is this an annoying command, especially for Engineers, it is augmented by the Scout's Brooklyn slur. Users have taken to spamming this command to annoy friendly Engineers, and numerous videos, parodies, and references appears in many other videos.
  32. One of the sounds a Scout makes when scoring a melee kill. Numerous remixes involving repeated bonks can be found on YouTube.
  33. The Engineer's line when his Sentries are sapped, it has become an internet-wide snowclone used in nearly any conceivable situation, as long as someone is doing something to something.
  34. The Fan Nickname for the Spy due to the Engineer's accent, all-caps necessary.
  35. One of Spy's taunts, which became a meme after an image spread on /v/ that showed him attempting to smoke approximately 37 cigarettes at once. Variations include "Mentlegen" (a Spy emerging from the mouth of a Spy), and occasionally other classes with a mouth full of whatever is paired with their Catch Phrase. (For example, a Soldier with a mouthful of grenades, exclaiming "MAGGOTS".)
  36. Started primarily on 4chan in anticipation for the eventual "Engineer Update", who was the last of nine classes to get any new weapons. Any time a minor update to TF2 would occur in the coming weeks, people would often quote the above line.
  37. Used to defend a fanmade weapon. Now it's used sarcastically to point out the unbalanced nature of other fanmade weapons.
  38. "AIDS" is the Fan Nickname for the Medic's virus attack in Team Fortress Classic. Used whenever someone is infected. Also spread to Team Fortress 2 thanks to the "bleed" effect from the Sniper's Tribalman's Shiv and the Engineer's Southern Hospitality.
  39. A budding joke on the Team Fortress 2 section of the Steam User's Forum. Used to note how the game is, in the opinion of several people, ruined by promotional items, hats, trading, and/or paint. However, "Demopan", as the Demoman in the picture has been dubbed, has taken a turn for the Badass.
  40. A crossover meme with Metal Slug, referring to Soldier's primary weapons, which are all Rocket Launchers. Mostly brought up when said Rocket Launcher rolls a critical hit, which only Heavy can survive without healing buffs.
  41. A line of Engrish on Team Fortress 2's section in Steam Forums that gained memetic quality.
  42. The Spy mocking the Scout in one of his domination lines. Afterwards, there are quite a few videos and images that show, or imply, the Scout crying at the sight of a rainbow (and Rainbow Dash in recent crossovers).
  43. Whenever a poorly-skilled enemy team is seen in a YouTube video, most players will claim that they were made up of poorly-skilled newcomers who joined when the game became free to play, or "F2P" for short.
  44. The game has a lot of hats, and the purchase and trading of hats became an enormous part of the community, to the point where nearly any mention of hats prompts a TF2 joke. Reddit likes to refer to the game as a "war-themed hat simulator".
  45. When the High Five! taunt was added into the game, a new set of responses was recorded for the Spy for this purpose. Especially in the Garry's Mod world, it has been taken to memetic levels with the spy often posing for a high five.
  46. a doctored quote of the above
  47. Originated from the Demoman's response line, "See? I told ya they were a buncha wee lasses.", and resulted in the creation of a character, Seeman. Usually followed by the Soldier's version from "Now THAT is what I wanna see!", which has taken a similar life of its own as "Seeldier".
  48. An unintended glitch was used by those who play as Spy to walk similar to a crab, whilst gameplay. The Spy Crabs are part of the subspecies of friendlies, who don't fight.
  49. Friendlies refuses to fight in rounds, they just spend their time "goofing up", taunting, reacting with voice commands, and taunting. Though some will fight for self-defense or accept being killed off by foes.
  50. The Observer/Watcher, are Spy player(s), who uses the Shutterbug, Upgrade, camera beard, and just watches the game roll by. They are a new type of friendlies.
  51. It seems that outside of adding hats, cosmetics, and minor updates, the only huge thing that regularly gets updated are the localization files...This ascended into meme status.