Technotise: Edit & I

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Technotise: Edit & I (Technotise Edit I Ja) is a 2009 Serbian animated film which serves as a sequel to Aleksa Gajic's Graphic Novel Technotise.

The year is 2074. Belgrade is filled with hovercars and robot pets. Edit Stefanović is a psychology student who takes care of an autistic math genius named Abel. She's having a lot of trouble passing a certain exam, so she turns to the black market to get a memory chip installed in her so she can finally retain the information she's learned six times over. However, revelations about Abel and this so-called "memory chip" puts her in danger, all while giving her incredible abilities.

The animation is decidedly Animesque and is taken on in four styles - rotoscoping, classic 2D, 3D and vector animation. Rumors of another novel being adapted to yet another sequel exist.

Tropes used in Technotise: Edit & I include:

Edit: Get me out of here!
Edi: Get you...?
Edit: No, my grandma.