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Teen Wolf came out in 1985 as a fun, relatively harmless comedy film, but it mostly catered to boys. Why not have a version that approached the other market? But we obviously can't have a teen girl running around as a beastly werewolf. So let's make her a Cute Witch, instead!

Teen Witch is a 1989 film that began life as the above scenario, but eventually diverged enough during production to gain an identity of its own. It's the story of Louise Miller, a shy high school student, who one night discovers -- with the help of a Fortune Teller, Madame Serena -- that she is a reincarnated witch whose powers will manifest on her (Not So) Dangerous Sixteenth Birthday. Serena then provides Louise with a Spell Book to practice her powers. With them, she hopes to overcome her unpopularity, date the guy of her dreams, and maybe even help out her friends with their own problems. But is it all worth it in the end?

The Nostalgia Chick reviewed the film here.

Tropes used in Teen Witch (film) include:

Nostalgia Chick: Oh my god, he's got glasses!

  • Humiliation Conga: What's some of the first things for which Louise uses her magic? Getting back at her teachers and classmates, of course.
  • I Just Want to Be Special
  • IKEA Erotica: "He pressed his lips against mine, but he didn't stop there. Soon, every inch of my body was covered with Brad's kisses. Who would believe tonight, I was totally his."
  • Kryptonite Factor: Water reverses the effects of Louise's spells.
  • Left the Background Music On/Diegetic Switch: A strange combination. After the popularity spell, Louise starts to step outside, but suddenly hears a bass beat start up in the soundtrack and shuts the door in surprise, making the song stop. She then shrugs it off and continues outside, and the song resumes.
  • Loners Are Evil: Inverted to an embarrassing degree. As the movie was apparently targeted at high school outcasts, it's the popular people who are Complete Monsters stuffed with straw.
  • Long List: During a sex education class:

Teacher: Can anyone tell me what this might represent? <holds up a closed umbrella>
Student: A roger. A loved one. Joystick. Dong. Zipper lizard, tallywhacker, trouser snake, schlong--