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This cartoon was not a super popular one and hence, especially by season 4 when the ratings were very poor, they could get lots past the radar usually in the realm of violence.

  • Many examples, such as Bishop getting impaled through the chest.
  • Though it was an illusion, Splinter getting stabbed on-screen.
  • Don't forget how the turtles used the word "Shell" as a curse word.
  • In "Fallen Angel" Hun remarks on how much he enjoyed burning down the store that Casey's father owned, Casey's reply is "At least I had a father!" possibly implying that Hun is a bastard.
  • What about several nightmare-inducing scenes of No Holds Barred Beatdowns delivered to Casey and Leo on separate occasions?
  • Shredder actually being beheaded by Leo in an early episode was bad enough, but goes into Nightmare Fuel at the very end where he picks up his disembodied head and walks away. Sure, you find out later he's a brain-sized alien in a robot suit but at the time It's freaking terrifying.
  • "Same As It Never Was", the entire episode, it was grim and grittier, characters are heavily implied to have died, and the biggest Crap Passing moments? The Turtles of that dimension are killed, with their corpses completely on screen, Shredder dying via laser drill to the face, and Karai being bazooka'd, this episode is the least child friendly in the series, and makes you wonder how "Insane In The Membrane" got rejected, even with all the frightening imagery in that episode, "Same As It Never Was" evokes High Octane Nightmare Fuel to absolutely insane effects.
  • There's a 50/50 chance Mikey's line about how "there's all sorts of crazy stuff on the internet!" from Back to the Sewer is this.
  • When Casey proposes to April in The Engagement Ring, he uses a hockey analogy, and accidentally states that he wants to "play her for the rest of his life", before realising just what he said.
  • In New World Order, the Tengu Shredder easily defeats Karai for bearing the Shredder mantle, and then uses his power to hold her in place, whist remarking; "Such a coarse young woman, I wonder if someone more well mannered lurks beneath that rough exterior?"- before proceeding to use his powers to strip Karai of her armour leaving only her form-fitting bodysuit left. Upon observing this, he then states; "Perhaps I should let you live after all. You would make a fine slave". For bonus Squicky points, the Tengu Shredder's face looks exactly like Ch'rell's human form (due to Ch'rell basing his own Oroku Saki persona on the original), meaning that Karai has someone who looks exactly like an undead version of her (adopted) father, lusting after her and planning to make her his personal slave.
  • In the season 4 episode "Insane in the Membrane" Baxter Stockman finally clones a new body for himself only to discover that the process is imperfect after his body starts to rot and his fingers fall off on screen. They never aired it on tv, but it still counts as Getting Crap Past the Radar since they included it on the box set without warning.

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