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Examples of Examples include:
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A header for the examples section for use on trope pages (see the nearly identical {{tropelist}} for use on work pages). This makes a gray box that clearly delineates description from examples listings, and allows use of all of the normal headers for subsections.
Place the template {{examples}} immediately above the examples for a trope. It will automatically include the name of the trope:
Examples of Examples include:
Use the art argument (short for "article") to precede the article name with additional words, namely articles (a, an, the). This is {{examples|art=The}}:
Examples of The Examples include:

Use the pre argument (short for "prefix") to append extra characters to the start of the title. This is {{examples|pre=Prefixed-}}:
Examples of Prefixed-Examples include:

Use the suf argument (short for "suffix") to append extra characters to the end of the title. This is {{examples|suf=ample}}:
Examples of Examplesample include:

Use the page argument to replace the default trope name. This is {{examples|page=A Completely Different Trope}}:
Examples of A Completely Different Trope include:

To provide entirely alternate text, use an unnamed argument, like {{examples|I can't believe it's not Troper!}}:
I can't believe it's not Troper!