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    Funimation Entertainment (previously known as Funimation Productions) is an anime dubbing and distribution company currently based in Flower Mound, Texas (a suburb of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex). The company rose to prominence by acquiring the rights to the popular anime title Dragonball Z, its predecessor series Dragon Ball and its sequel series Dragon Ball GT as a way to survive the early '90s minor recession. By 1999, they were able to get widespread television exposure via Cartoon Network and the Dragon Ball phenomenon belatedly yet quickly grew in the United States as it had elsewhere. Two previous attempts by Funimation to release Dragon Ball to network television had previously been cancelled, before the series and the company found success on Cartoon Network. Over time, it's found success with other anime like the two Fullmetal Alchemist series and Yu Yu Hakusho.

    In recent years, they have broadened their anime horizons far beyond their Shonen Jump roots, licensing series in nearly every possible genre.