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    This template links to a page on mediawiki.org from the Help pages. The template has three parameters:

    1. Pagename, optionally preceded by an interwiki link prefix valid on mediawiki.org
    2. (optional) Link description
    3. (optional) Special. Set this to "yes" for special pages, and the template will link to the local Special page if it exists (otherwise, it will point to mediawiki.org).


    • {{Mediawiki|Page_Title}}
    • {{Mediawiki|Page_Title|text}}
    • {{Mediawiki|Page_Title|special=yes}}
    • {{Mediawiki|Page_Title|text|special=yes}}

    Demo of interwiki link

    {{mediawiki|m:Help:Calculation|Help:Calculation}} gives either
    [[m:Help:Calculation|Help:Calculation]] or [[mw:m:Help:Calculation|Help:Calculation]].

    Language: English