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  • Sabalom Glitz tries to sweet-talk the Rani. She knees him in the groin. To be fair, he did deserve it.
  • Two and Seven outwitting Davros with some sleight-of-hand and a game of Keep Away. And a firecracker.
    • Their earlier round of Academy fight songs counts as well.
  • When the Doctors name their incarnations so they'll know what to call each other, Four claims he's number one, having thought the ranking was by importance or charm.
  • While Six thought he would die (as he thought Four was dead), he opened a door only to find...Four, alive and well. Six is aggravated, while Four is...well...himself.
    • Six's reaction is pure gold:

Four: Well, I lived. That's a good thing, right?
Six: Good? Good? 'A GOOD THING?!' Absolutely NOT! It means that I was WRONG!


Cyberman: How then can we definitively ascertain his identity?
Ninth Doctor: Ohhh! Ooohh!! Oooh! I know! I know! You could ask!
Cyberman: Who are you?
Ninth Doctor: Nope, too late, I'm not going to tell you now.


Seven: This is Davros--
Two: Oh! Heh heh. [he shakes Davros' hand]
Seven: [whispering] He's the fellow who created the Daleks.
Two: Oh...ahem. For shame.

  • Seven and Three chastising Nine, culminating in Six's first appearance:

Three: Lying about your age, unhealthy relations with your pretty young companion... shaved head... leather?
Nine: Hey!
Seven: Sounds like a second mid-life crisis.
Three: Second?
Seven: Oh yes! I had a really bad one back when I really was only 900 years old.
[Six appears]
'Six: Midlife... midlife crisis? MIDLIFE CRISIS? Of all the confounded -
Seven: Ah, speak of the gerbil.

    • ...and Three's epic Face Palm when this happens.
  • The Christmas special page. "What? You can't just hijack a plot to celebrate some Earth holiday!" "Of course we can old chap. We're the Doctor."
  • Page 8: Nine and Rose start arguing Like an Old Married Couple after she finds out about Susan being his granddaughter, and some of the other Doctors and companions take notice.

Rose: Who's her grandmother then? Or did you just drop her off somewhere, sometime??
Nine: Rose, this is not the time--
Ace: [to Seven] Gordon Bennet! Drop me off before you pick her up, alright?
Peri: [to Six] D-D-Doctor...are--are you and she...
Six: I should think NOT, Peri. That would be in poor taste!


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