The 10th Kingdom/Trivia

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  • Better on DVD: While the miniseries did garner a good fanbase on its initial showing, overall it turned out to be a ratings dud. NBC attempted to recoup these losses by showing it again in August of 2000, without much difference in ratings. (Whether this was due to poor advertising, competition with other shows, or some scenes having been cut is debatable.) It can be said, however, that having the entirety of the program on DVD, with no commercials, and being able to watch it whenever you wish, in smaller pieces instead of one huge marathon, helps a great deal with watching it at all, let alone fully appreciating it.
  • Billing Displacement: At the beginning of The 10th Kingdom, Ann-Margret is listed among actors who appear throughout the entire miniseries, yet she doesn't actually appear until the very end. The same goes for Camryn Manheim as Snow White, who other than a Dream Sequence appears only in part four.
  • Edited for Syndication: Due to the extreme length of the miniseries, when it was re-broadcast for a second time in August 2000, various scenes were cut. Some versions of the VHS copies also had these scenes missing, and apparently even some of the DVDs. Later versions of the DVD had all scenes restored.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
  • Novelization: Seeing as it was based on an earlier version of the screenplay, it suffered from invalidated script syndrome. In some cases, this allowed readers access to nonsensical or Narmful moments which were thankfully cut from the final miniseries; in other cases, things were included which would have been intriguing had they made it into the movie (such as the Queen telling the Dog Prince a "bedtime story" about how she came to end up in prison, the literal burying of the magic axe, Virginia's Recurring Dreams about Wolf, or an interesting variation on the Swamp Witch's cottage scene with Clay Face rather than Acorn). Other sections have some surprisingly deep explorations of character and motivation, such as the longer conversations between Virginia and the Huntsman, Virginia and the Queen, Virginia and Snow White, or Virginia and Tony about her mother; or where they hear in Little Lamb Village about the Trolls ravaging the kingdom and Tony, who accidentally golded Wendell, feels responsible. And some explanations for otherwise headscratching moments are included, such as the old woman in the forest and the Cupid girl in Kissing Town both being Snow White in disguise. There's also lots of fun snarking in the characters' thoughts, especially Wolf's and Tony's.