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You know the drill. This is a listing of characters for The 39 Clues. Beware of unmarked spoilers!

Note: Due to the official status of Vespers Rising as Book 11 of the first series, that book is considered part of the first series. Characters that debut after its publishment are placed in the folder for the Sequel Series, and characters that debut before its publishment are placed in the other folders.

Main Characters

Dan Cahill

Amy Cahill

Nellie Gomez

  • Chekhov's Skill: Has many talents that come in handy during the clue hunt.
  • Contrived Coincidence: Nellie's learned so many things that help the Cahills on their quest.
    • Although near the end of the series it's revealed that Grace knew she'd end up being their nanny one day, so she paid for plenty of Nellie's learning (such as being trilingual and knowing how to fly a plane).
  • Cool Big Sis
  • Drives Like Crazy
  • The European Carry All: She says she signed on as an au pair and not a nanny, despite the fact that the former is basically just Gratuitous French for the latter.
  • Mama Bear: Though her relationship with Amy and Dan becomes more reminiscent of a sibling bond, this still applies.
  • Spicy Latina: Part Mexican.


The Cahills' pet Egyptian Mau. Originally belonged to Grace Cahill.

Enemies in the Clue Hunt

Ian Kabra

Ian is introduced as Natalie's handsome, scheming older brother, befitting his status as a high-ranking Lucian. Like his sister, he joins the clue hunt on orders from his mother, whom he follows blindly. In The Sword Thief, he plays on Amy's crush on him and uses her and Dan to get the Clue and leaves them for dead in a cave. This leaves him with a nagging feeling of guilt which culminates in his and Natalie's abandoning the Kabra family at the end of the series.

Natalie Kabra

Ian's younger sister who is just as scheming as he is. She dislikes doing dirty work and aspires to please her mother in every way. She starts out as a Rich Bitch but by the end of the series she and Ian realize that they were following Isabel mostly out of fear and leave the Kabras once she is thrown in prison.

Alistair Oh

A South Korean businessman hailing from Seoul, Alistair made his fortune from selling the microwavable burrito. But by the time of the series his money is running out and he swaps the million dollars for a hint to the first clue. He is an Ekaterina. Throughout the series often offers to help Amy and Dan, but they are openly distrustful of him: because not only does he seem fond of double-crossing them, he was there on the night of the fire that killed their parents.

Irina Spasky

"You are afraid of everything except what you should fear."

A Lucian ex-KGB agent who agrees to change the one million dollars for a hint to the first clue at Grace's funeral. Throughout the series Irina works behind the scenes, following Amy and Dan and threatening people with her poisons. By the time the sixth book rolls around, however, it's revealed there's way more to her than we originally thought.

Jonah Wizard

International hip-hop sensation and teen idol, Jonah fits very nicely into the family's Janus branch. His mother is the famous Cora Wizard, who set up his career. Jonah joins the clue hunt to please her because she wants the master serum for herself. At the beginning he is only concerned about his public image, but after he befriends Dan in The Emperor's Code this begins to change. Because of his concern of what other people think of him, he doesn't let anyone know about his secret love of Shakespeare's works.

The Holts

A Tomas family consisting of Eisenhower Holt, his wife Mary-Todd, and their children Hamilton, Madison, and Reagan, the Holts excel at everything athletic but are not the brightest crayons in the box. Out of the five of them, Hamilton is the most sympathetic, and is the one who forms alliances with Amy and Dan. He was the one who went into the gauntlet, and as such the rest of the family was taken hostage by Isabel Kabra.

The Starlings

Genius thirteen-year-old triplets who turn down their three million dollars in favor of the Clue Hunt. All three are Ekaterina. They don't stick around, however -- In the very first book they are severely injured and hospitalized by a blast set up by the Holts for Amy and Dan. They don't appear again until Book 10, wherein it's shown that Ted was blinded by the blast and can only see light and dark, whereas Ned frequently has migraines that interrupt his ability to think. Out of the three it's Sinead who we get to see the most of because she was the least injured.

Other Major Characters

Grace Cahill

Beatrice's younger sister, Fiske's older sister, Hope's mother, and Amy and Dan's grandmother, she was one of the last genuinely nice Cahills. After she dies of sickness she chooses some of her relatives, the ones most likely to succeed in the clue hunt and by extension the gauntlet, and offers either one million dollars or a hint to the first clue to them. Amy and Dan really were her favorites, and they spent almost every weekend with her. She was a Madrigal.

Arthur and Hope Cahill

Amy and Dan's parents. They died in a fire set by Isabel Kabra (accompanied by Alistair, Irina Spasky, Cora Wizard, and Eisenhower Holt and his wife) after they refused to share information and were avid Madrigal clue hunters. Arthur was the one who got Eisenhower expelled from West Point Military Academy.

The Man In Black/ Fiske Cahill

Beatrice and Grace's younger brother.

Isabel Kabra

Other Minor Characters

Cora Wizard

Jonah's mother.

Broderick T. Wizard

Jonah's father.

William McIntyre

Shep Trent

Nataliya Ruslanova Radova



Beatrice Cahill

Grace's and Fiske's older sister, an eccentric old woman who could care less about the Cahill family history. It's revealed in the "Black Book of Buried Secrets" that this is only so because she couldn't handle the pressure put on by her sister and brother, who excelled in all the tests.

Characters Exclusive to the Sequel Series, Cahills vs. Vespers

Evan Tolliver

Introduced in Vespers Rising as a boy who goes to school with Amy and Dan. In The Medusa Plot, he has been dating Amy for several months. After the Cahills fend off an attack by the Vespers in full view of Evan, he becomes understandably confused, and gets even more confused and upset when Amy cuts off contact with him in fear of him finding out about her family history. Eventually, however, Evan does find out about the Cahill story, as a result of his immediately being able to identify the obscure type of cell phone that Vesper One is using. Also because of this, Evan is invited to join Ian and Sinead at the Cahill Command Center, and helps them do research to aid Amy and Dan in their missions around the world. Evan is still helping the Cahills in A King's Ransom and The Dead of Night, and is becoming increasingly worried about Amy.

Casper Wyoming

A character, not the place. A Vesper who was named after a city where his parents robbed a bank. He's proud of that.

Cheyenne Wyoming

Like her twin, Casper, Cheyenne is a character not to be confused with the city. She's not as bad as her brother, but still pretty dangerous.

Atticus Rosenbloom

A genius eleven-year-old friend of Dan's.

Jake Rosenbloom

The older brother of Atticus.

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