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A list of characters from the Survival Horror mini-franchise Parasite Eve, with a primary focus on the games by Square Enix since not too many people have read the original novel/seen The Movie thereof, which needs some Wiki Magic to fix.

From Parasite Eve (the first game)

Aya Brea

A 25-year-old police officer whose life changes when a date At the Opera Tonight (tonight being Christmas Eve 1997) goes horribly wrong. As the only person to not not-so-spontaneously combust upon the awakening of Mitochondria Eve, she struggles to understand and rein in her own bizarre powers while racing to stop Eve from giving birth to the Ultimate Being and destroying and/or forcibly evolving humanity in the process. She's immune to Eve because they share donor organs from her twin Maya. More on that further down.

  • Action Girl: Started off as a cop in the first game, becomes a specialized FBI agent in the 2nd game, and then becomes a CTI agent in the 3rd game.
  • Blue Eyes
  • But Not Too Foreign: Half-Japanese, mostly to tie her to the events of the novel directly. Specifically, her mother Mariko was the girl in the novel who gave birth to the original Ultimate Being.
  • Cursed with Awesome
  • Dead Little Sister: Her twin Maya. The deaths of Aya's mother and Maya was Aya's motivation to become a detective.
  • Eye Remember: Maya's cornea (which possessed Eve's mitochondrial power) was transplanted into Aya's right eye, and Aya's visions are actually Maya's last memories.
  • Fair Cop: Oh yes. She's caught the eyes of quite a few men. A short list includes her nameless date at the beginning of the series: Maeda, Pierce and Kyle.
  • The Heroine: The main protagonist in the first two games.
  • Hyperspace Arsenal: Said gun is always a pistol in cutscenes, but may range up to and including a rocket launcher during gameplay with no encumbrance penalty.
  • I Just Want to Be Normal: Her stock flavor of angst for the first couple of chapters, peaking in an I Am a Monster-flavored Heroic BSOD.
  • It Was with You All Along:

Aya: "Maya. I was always waiting...waiting for you to come home with mom. And I've always been looking for the other "me". But you were always right there with me Maya... ALWAYS, all this time."

Mitochondria Eve

A mysterious, ancient evil that takes over the body of opera singer Melissa Pearce and sets about her master plan to reverse humanity's symbiotic relationship between the nucleus (banks of genetic information that dictate what cells grow where and when) and the mitochondria (organic powerplants that fuel cellular activity). To this end, she dissolves a solo performance crowd at Central Park into raw genetic material and allies with Melissa's former doctor Hans Klamp, to procure sperm for her Enfant Terrible, the Ultimate Being. Was carried by mitochondria in donor organs from Maya Brea that Melissa received, and allowed to awaken after Melissa pushed her body to its absolute limit via excessive doses of transplant-preserving immunosuppressants.

Her "original" form is in the body of Maya, which is the final encounter at the top of the Chrysler Building.

Daniel "Bo" Dollis

Aya's partner and Black Best Friend; combined, the manual refers to them as the "Father and Daughter Team" of the NYPD's 17th Precinct. His introduction is a Dynamic Entry that sets the tone for his take-no-nonsense approach to the Eve case, along with his determination to thwart any mundane threat that sets its eyes on Aya or his son Ben.

  • Alliterative Name: Daniel Dollis.
  • Amicably Divorced: Despite apperances, Daniel and Lorraine remain close. He takes her death as hard as any loving spouse would. It turns out that Lorraine was considering patching their family back together.
  • Angry Black Man: Becomes very pissed off at the antagonists for not only putting Ben's life in danger, but for also killing his ex-wife whom he planned to reconcile with so they could become a family again.
  • Badass Mustache
  • Badass Normal: Despite not having special abilities like Aya, it doesn't stop him from helping her out when it's called for and he kicks absolute ass when he does.
  • Black Best Friend
  • Dynamic Entry: The first of his several Crowning Moments of Awesome.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Leaps from a helicopter and burns up in Eve's wake, all to deliver some Depleted Phlebotinum Shells to assist Aya in the battle. Subverted when he survives his wounds.
  • Lethal Chef: According to Aya in the sequel, he is a terrible cook.
  • Married to the Job: The reason why Lorraine left him in the first place.
  • Older Sidekick: He's older than Aya.
  • Papa Wolf: You don't mess with his son, even if you're are an evil sentient form of mitochondria.
  • Sink-or-Swim Fatherhood: Lorraine divorced him a year before the game starts, leaving him sole custody of their son Ben.

Benjamin Dollis

Daniel's son, in the custody of his ex-wife Lorraine due to his long hours on the force. Initially planned to reunite the family at Melissa Pearce's Central Park solo concert, but Eve's awakening changed all that. Along with Lorraine, into part of the mito-mass that became the Ultimate Being's uterus. Likes dogs, and is quickly introduced to the K-9 unit's Sheeva, which goes about as well as you'd expect for a game reveling in its high levels of Transformation Trauma.

Kenneth Baker

Chief of the NYPD 17th. Joined the force at about the same time as Daniel, and still maintains casual terms with him despite their difference in rank. Takes care of Ben while Daniel and Aya are on the scene in Central Park, only to get himself injured protecting him from the mutated Sheeva.

Kunihiko Maeda

Japanese biologist and walking Info Dump for the events of the novel, who hopped the first plane to New York when he heard of the fire at Carnegie Hall. After rescuing Aya following her clash with Eve at Central Park, he relates the tale of the original Eve's attempt to birth an Ultimate Being and discovers the reason behind Aya's immunity to the current Eve. Afterwards, his main role is dispensor of inventory space-wasting good luck charms, including one literal Chekhov's Gun.

  • Cannot Spit It Out: To Aya during the ending.
  • Chekhov's Gun: Gives you a weak handgun late in the game. Combined with the bullets mentioned below, it becomes a lethal weapon against the final boss. Appears in the sequel as the Mongoose.
  • Depleted Phlebotinum Shells: The Maeda Bullets.
  • Genius Ditz
  • Info Dump: For the Hideaki Sena novel.
  • Non-Action Guy: Since he's a scientist and serve's as the group's exposition, he has no combat experience and wisely stays out of trouble while the others do the leg work.
  • Stop Helping Me!: The trinkets are actually Square's hamfisted way of making sure you have a space reserved for the Maeda Bullets at the very end. You can leave old ones in storage as you acquire new ones, and the Narita just magically turns into the Maeda Crate when it's time.

Torres Owens and Wayne Garcia

Caretakers of the 17th's weapons storage area. Torres is hell-bent on making sure guns are used responsibly, having sworn off using them since his daughter died in a mishap with a loaded one. This tends to make him clash loudly with apprentice Wayne, an adherent to the More Dakka school of gun control. Both provide Aya with the facilities to modify weapons and armor to increase their bonus slots, and space to store unneeded items.

Wayne, not being allowed to handle the guns without supervision, takes to collecting gun trading cards instead. Feed his hobby following Torres's death during the raid on the precinct, and you'll eventually be rewarded with the Infinity Plus and/or Minus One Toolkits.

  • Shout-Out: They return (sort of) as proprietors of the Lindblum Synthesis Shop in Final Fantasy IX, and reprise their argument when you first walk in: Wayne believes the key to victory is superior weaponry, where Torres puts his faith in superior armor.
  • Straight Man and Wise Guy: Played rather seriously.

Warner, Nix and Cathy

They're also on the force.

  • Those Two Guys: Or those three guys. They serve as nothing more than background characters, and they need to be saved during Eve's attack on the police precinct.

Hans Klamp

Anthropologist at the Museum of Natural History, who is mysteriously at work despite both the Christmas holiday and an evacuation of Manhattan following Eve's audience liquification event at Central Park. Oversaw the operations that transplanted Maya Brea's organs into Aya and Melissa, supplied Melissa with enough immunosuppressants to let the mitochondria in Maya's kidney take her over as Eve, and removed the mitochondria from his sperm to make it prime material for fertilizing the Ultimate Being. Apparently has been pulling a Long Con and considered a variety of potential organ recipients for creating the UB, as Lorraine Dollis is listed on the same HLA list that he pilfered from St. Francis Hospital.

Maya Brea

Is dead. Aya keeps having visions and flashbacks of her as she pursues Eve though. Is also the Bonus Boss.

Aya's visions are due to having received a transplant from Maya. Aya had a defect in her right eye since birth, and received Maya's cornea as a transplant. Which is how Aya will later in life acquire her mitochondrial powers.

From Parasite Eve II

Aya Brea

Ace operative of the FBI's anti-mitochondrial mutant task force MIST (Mitochondrion Investigation and Suppression Team) formed following reports of Eve's mutated animal minions spreading out from Manhattan. Three years since what has become known as the "N.Y. Blockade" incident, Aya's journey to destroy the newly-monikered "Neo-Mitochondrion Creatures" (NMCs) and put a seal on her own unpredictable powers has led her to Los Angeles. However, an investigation into an NMC outbreak near the ghost town of Dryfield, Nevada will hit closer to home than she ever imagined...

See most above tropes listed for Aya, plus:

Rupert Broderick

The new Daniel. Still black, still badass, and about the same aptitude at dealing with NMCs and twisted humans alike.

See Daniel's tropes above. Yes, even Dynamic Entry.

  • Bald of Awesome: Only emphasizes how bad ass he is on duty.
  • Dead Little Sister: He lost his family during the N.Y. Blockade incident. Now he dedicates his life to exterminating neo-mitochondrion creatures.
  • Revolvers Are Just Better: He wields the Mongoose at the start of the game, which he gives to you only if you're on the Sad Ending route.

Pierce Carradine

Somewhere between "The new Wayne" and "The new Maeda" falls MIST's resident computer whiz. Though he just plain Doesn't Like Guns, that's about the only hindrance to his assistance to Aya via Hollywood Hacking or item delivery.

  • Does Not Like Guns: Lampshaded by Jodie. He's also quite bad with them, as he once tried to load 9mm Parabellum rounds into a .38 revolver (in his defense, those have only a half millimeter difference in diameter). Ironically, he oversees the shooting range at HQ.
  • Killed Off for Real: Depending on the ending route.
  • Non-Action Guy
  • Playful Hacker: Was known to do this during his spare time before he was caught by the government. Now he puts his hacking skills to use for them.
  • Sunglasses at Night: Is never seen without them.

Eric "Hal" Baldwin

Aya's new boss. Far too impersonal to call "The new Baker". More like "The new Klamp".

  • Da Chief: Lite.
  • Treacherous Advisor: Is in on the Neo-Ark Project, and may have helped procure Aya's cellular samples to assist them in cloning this newest breed of NMCs.

Jodie Bouquet

Runs MIST's BP shop (Bounty Points, not British Petroleum). Depending on how well you play the game, this may be all you remember her for.

Gary Douglas

The last living resident of Dryfield (excepting his dog Flint and the hordes of NMCs Aya's come to clean out). A Vietnam vet with a gun collection big enough to claim the title of "The new Wayne", he helps Aya resupply during the investigation despite being compensated in some newfangled RPG currency rather than cold hard cash. After Aya's car is totaled by a herd of NMCs, he also volunteers his truck to get her and Kyle (below) to an old nuclear shelter that may be the source of the infestation.

Kyle Madigan

A so-called private detective Aya encounters in Dryfield, claiming to be looking into strange shipments going into a nearby nuclear shelter once owned by a doomsday cult. Since he's one of the few Escort Mission escortees in the business who doesn't suck for some reason or another, Aya teams up with him to discover the shelter's connection to the new NMCs. Is a Double Agent for what's left of the Neo-Ark group, hired to bring Aya so that she could open the pathway to a runaway test subject. In turn, he was planted in Neo-Ark by the U.S. government, to pinpoint their Ultimate Being analogue for destruction via orbital railgun.

  • The Mole: He's a government agent infiltrating the Neo-Ark Project.
  • Shoot the Dog: Was going to kill Eve but Aya stops him, as she saw that Eve was just a scared little girl who didn't want to be used as a power/control source anymore.
  • A Taste of Power: When teaming up with Aya for combat sequences, usually wields a cool weapon from the next shopping tier or two up.
  • We Cannot Go on Without You: Game Over for Aya if Kyle loses all 100 of his non-healable Hit Points (thankfully, he's not as screwed as he looks during the first major battle of Disc 2).

Number 9

As the main series page calls him, "a Gunblade-slinging rooftop-hopping ape-like zombie cyborg supersoldier" who masterminds an NMC outbreak at the Akropolis shopping center and is apparently the last sentient resident of the Neo-Ark shelter: his colleagues having either become NMCs themselves in some half-assed transhuman orgy or been killed by said voluntary converts. Hired Kyle, whether of his own will or at Baldwin's request, to escort Aya to Neo-Ark so she would eventually disable various barriers that his "queen" had erected around herself.

  • BFS: Though his use of a Gunblade is more memorable, he DID pack a mean randomly-on-fire machete during his first showdown with Aya.
  • Elite Mook: Not all that evident, with anything resembling a Big Bad proper already dead.
  • Laughing Mad: He's really easily amused.
  • One Hit KO: During the first fight with him, his flame sword attack is a guaranteed kill, moreso if he's backed Aya in a corner.
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: Two and a half out of four ain't bad.
  • You Are Number Six: Though practically reveling in the inhumanity that this trope entails.


Wondered when she'd show up, eh? Don't expect the Nietzsche Wannabe of the last game, however: the new Eve's a Mysterious Waif cloned from Aya herself and raised in isolation with the shittiest children's toys known to man... all to heighten her sense of fear and self-preservation as the eventual living engine for Neo-Ark's not-quite-an-Ultimate-Being. At least her teddy bear's halfway normal.

She gets absorbed into the final boss, but Aya manages to save her. With Rupert's help, Aya adopts the girl as a sister. Eve also apparently lost most of her power, but overall, she's quite well-adjusted and is going to school in the end.

From The 3rd Birthday

Aya Brea

The main heroine of the first two Parasite Eve games. She's half-Japanese, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Because of her highly-evolved mitochondria, she has the appearance of a college student despite being in her mid-thirties.

Apart from her name, she remembers nothing about herself or her past. When the CTI (Counter Twisted Investigation team) found her, she was wearing a bloody wedding gown outside the St. Thomas Cathedral in Manhattan, either just before or just after her own wedding. After taking her into custody, the CTI realized her abilities allowed her to dive into a human's past consciousness. Understanding that this was humanity's only chance against the space and time-defying Twisted, the Overdive Investigation Unit was formed to develop a way to use Aya's powers against them.

...Except this isn't Aya at all. It's Eve from Parasite Eve II in Aya's body, the result of a failed Emergency Transformation. As a result, she actually regains a mix of both her actual memories and Aya's, resulting in a huge Tomato Surprise.

Hyde Bohr

Chief researcher for the CTI and head of the Overdive Investigation Unit. A friendly mentor to Aya and the other people in his unit, he is devoted to finding a way to stop the Twisted. Like EVERY character in this game, he's not quite what he seems though. Hyde is actually one of the most powerful High Ones: a race evolved from Eve's remains that is dedicated to the eradication of the Twisted at all costs. He gathered and sub-consciously controls the other High Ones in the group.

  • Adam and Eve Plot: Sort of... he wants to combine with Eve, who he considers to be the Mother of the High Ones race and create an ultimate race.
  • Body Snatcher: As a High One, he stole the original Hyde's body in the first place. Also gained the ability to Overdive when Eve dived into him near the end of the game.
  • The Chessmaster: In his quest to go back to Time Zero.
  • Dead All Along: Killed at Time Zero, at St. Thomas Cathedral, where he was attending Aya's wedding.
  • Puppeteer Parasite: Hyde as we know him, and Eve's other CTI teammates controlled by him.
  • Team Dad


The chief engineer of the CTI's Overdive Unit, originally hailing from South Korea. He joined the CTI at Hyde Bohr's request.

  • Heel Face Turn: At the age of 14, he was notorious for unleashing a Trojan horse that stole sensitive information. After being arrested, he ended up with a plea bargain, and began to work for the government in order to take down the communication networks of terrorists. That earned the ire of his fellow hackers, so he survived by wiping out his personal history and starting over from scratch.
  • Hollywood Hacking: His specialty.
  • Killed Off for Real: By Kyle Madigan.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: We never know his real name. He purposely intended it to start over from a blank slate after a life of being a malicious hacker.

Thelonious Cray

Formerly a Special Ops combat specialist, he left his squad to join the CTI team. Soon after, his whole squad was annihilated in the ill-fated Operation Red Fog. Was outside of St. Thomas Cathedral at the time of SWAT raid. He's another High One, created when Eve's body deteriorated at Time Zero.

Gabrielle Monsigny

A special agent in the CTI's Overdive Investigation Unit. Her friendship with Aya is a sisterly bond. She's also a High One, created when Eve's body deteriorated at Time Zero.

Hunter "Boss" Owen

Kyle Madigan

Kunihiko Maeda

Eve Brea

Disappeared after the incident at Aya's wedding at St. Thomas Cathedral. All information on her is from Aya's personal testimony, as she doesn't appear in any records in government databases. Eve is actually a clone of Aya, adopted by her and Kyle Madigan after the NMC incident, and has lived with them ever since. After a particular disturbing flashback concerning her, Aya decided to use her Overdive ability to look in the past for the cause of Eve's disappearance, and hopefully how to save her.

Actually, she is the true Player Character of The 3rd Birthday. When the SWAT team attacked St. Thomas Cathedral, Aya and all of the other attendees to the wedding were gunned down. In a desperate attempt to save her, Eve dived into Aya's dying body, and quickly killed the soldiers. However, in the process, she destroyed Aya's lingering soul, and the pieces went on to create the Twisted. Eve, in the shock and confusion from what she had just unconsciously done (and the identity crises of having bits of Aya's soul mix with her own), failed to return to her own body and fainted. When she awoke, she had completely lost her memories, and found herself in the care of Hyde Bohr, the head researcher for the CTI. She went on to learn more about her abilities and train as a special soldier with the CTI, under the watch of Gabrielle Monsigny. Unknown to her, in the intense stress during the incident where she lost her memories, her already advanced cells made a huge evolutionary step, and her abandoned body decayed to create the sentient High Ones: the natural predators to the Twisted.