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  • Season Two. The Team is going after a baron who whips up and sells poisoned moonshine. Hannibal and Tawnia are infiltrating one of the clubs where this drink is sold. After patting Hannibal down, the guys who run the club determine that Tawnia cannot possibly be hiding any weapons on her person. She produces a gun, to their surprise. One of them says "You wouldn't", to which Hannibal, taking the gun, replies:

Hannibal: "Oh, she wouldn't. But I'm a whole 'nother stretch of road." *A-Team starts shooting*

  • Face gets a good one in the fourth-season episode "There Goes the Neighborhood". The team has been hiding out from a group of kidnappers in suburbia, passing the time by annoying the local drug smugglers. This impresses the locals so much the make Hannibal block captain of the neighborhood watch, which irritates the smugglers no end. So, when the kidnappers show up and start interrogating Face about the password into the team's other safehouse (which they have inexplicably confused with the drug dealers' place), what does Face tell them to say? "It's the new block captain." Cue one of the show's only three-way gunfights when the kidnappers follow this advice.
    • It's even better than that. They didn't just inexplicably confuse it with the other house. Face told them to go there. He convinced them that the A-Team had bought two houses in the neighborhood.
  • General Stockwell's reaction to Murdock holding him at gunpoint and revealing that he'd figured out the General's entire scheme from virtually no clues:

General Stockwell: (calmly) Whoever certified you as insane should have his license revoked.


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