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  • In the fifth season, the Team have been captured and are facing a firing squad. Each has an Imagine Spot about ways to escape the situation. BA's is that Murdock flies in with a chopper ready to rescue him. But instead of pulling BA up right away, Murdock tries to get him to agree to more and more demands, like moving in with him. Eventually, BA jumps back down and tells the squad to go ahead and shoot.
  • After the team is exposed to radiation:

Frankie: I wanted to have kids. Do you think we can still have kids, Murdock?
Murdock: I don't think I know you well enough.

  • Anything Murdock does. But special mention goes to the time he helped a client escape her evil fiance by taking her place in the wedding. During his getaway, he stops to shake an elderly guest's hand:

Murdock: Thanks so much for coming to my wedding! I love your dress! [runs off, wedding dress and veil billowing out behind him]

    • Even funnier is Murdock, still in the wedding dress, running after the catering truck that the rest of the team is using as a getaway vehicle, and Face leaning out the back of the truck, shouting, "Come to me, my precious!"
    • And later in the episode, he writes the villain a letter of apology for leaving him at the altar.
  • One episode, Labor Pains, has Murdock fooling around with a ouija board the whole time. At the end, he goes into another "trance" and begins to intone "Decker is coming, Decker is coming...". BA is fed up and just as things are about to get ugly, they hear sirens. Cue incredulous expressions from everyone except Hannibal- whose face just screams Oh Crap.
  • Lynch and his right-hand MP, in One More Time:

MP: Well, Colonel Lynch, chasing Hannibal Smith as much as we have, I've come to appreciate his sense of humor.
Lynch: Sense of humor? You think that's funny then, Hannibal Smith working under the name of 'Lynch'?
MP: Well I mean considering the fact that we've looked everywhere for him, and all this time he's working in the open under your very name.
*Lynch glares at him*

MP: Well no sir, I don't think that's funny.

  • Murdock, under disguise as pilot Dick Nash (In Plane Sight), grabs a bottle from a villain's desk and opens it in Grievous Bottley Harm fashion to drink from it. After that he realizes he doesn't like the flavor, and drops it altogether to the floor.
  • Face and Murdock's failed attempts to go on a double date in The Trouble with Harry.
    • Murdock repeatedly telling Face, "You should've never answered that phone!"
  • This exchange from Holiday in the Hills:

Face *reads Murdock's list*: Are you nuts?
Murdock: Absolutely and totally.
Face: How am I gonna get all this stuff out here in the middle of nowhere?
Murdock: Hey you always say you can get anything, anywhere, anytime.
Face: Yeah, but I -
Murdock: Think of it as a challenge. How did you get that '53 Cadillac convertible in the jungles of 'Nam?
Murdock: How did you get that '53 Cadillac convertible in the jungles of 'Nam?
Face smirks: Professional secret.

    • Face's entire conversation with Louanne during his priest scam from that same episode. This bit in particular:

Face: You're such a sweet soul. So innocent, pretty...just like...Mary Anne.
Louanna: Mary Anne? *Face nods* My name's Louanne.
Face: Really?
Louanne: Y'know I've always been kinda fascinated with priests because they aren't allowed...I mean, they don't...
Face: Ah. But sometimes...they do.
Louanne: Oh and Mary Anne?
Face: Sometimes the runner...stumbles.
Louanne: Oh, Father, I'm truly sorry. What can I do to help?
Face: Well...would you happen to have a gasoline engine?

Louanne: Gasoline engine?

Face: Y'know, for my power lawn mower.

Louanne: You want a...power lawn mower?

      • Face's absolute adorkableness while pretending to be the priest is a major part of what makes this scene so funny. His expressions throughout are just priceless, as is his delivery.
    • Also, this, from the beginning.

Face: Murdock, uh, what's gonna happen?
Murdock: Looks like we gonna crash.
Face *laughs nervously*: C'mon, really, what's gonna happen?
Murdock: It looks like we gonna crash...and die.

    • Murdock flirting with himself in two different accents is absolutely hilarious.
    • Let's face it, that whole episode is pretty much one big Crowning Moment of Funny.

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