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  • For an 80s action series, this show had a surprising number of heartwarming moments.
  • In Children of Jamestown, B.A. promises Amy that he won't let anyone hurt her. Pretty much every time B.A. shows he can be the heart as well as the muscle of the team exemplifies this.
  • Also, in Bad Time on the Border, BA asking a little lost Mexican girl, "Will you be my friend?" Makes this troper melt just thinking about it...
  • Most of Family Reunion.
    • Even Face and Murdock's fight is this, because in a strange way, it shows just how much they really care about each other.

Murdock: There's one thing about you and me that I've always liked, and that's our fights. Cuz we don't have to...stumble over our - our lips...apologizing.

    • The fact that their whole fight is only two minutes long speaks volumes about how deep their friendship runs. Of course, when you've been on the run with someone for fifteen years, after fighting a war and going through a Vietnam prison camp together, even the most serious fight can't really be expected to last very long.
  • Murdock's concern when Face is shot in Without Reservations. To see the fun-loving, happy-go-lucky Cloudcuckoolander turn so deadly serious is absolutely jarring. The look of pure hatred he gives the man responsible...shudder.
    • And then at the end when Murdock finally gets his hands on the guy who shot Face and starts relentlessly pounding him, and literally has to be pulled off of him. It really shows what Murdock is capable of when someone he cares about is hurt, seeing as he's usually the least violent of the team. I would not want to get on Murdock's bad side.
      • The tag scene for that episode is also quite cute. Murdock brings Face a 'get well' pizza...aaaww.
  • Face and Murdock's whole friendship is heartwarming when you think about it. Face grew up in an orphanage, and as a result he has serious trust and commitment issues. He's always kind of guarded, but when he's around Murdock he's a lot more willing to let loose and act silly. Murdock also seems to know more about Face than anyone else does - he frequently mentions things that Face likes (his favorite foods, etc.), and he's the only one of the team that you ever see Face fighting with (whether playfully or seriously) onscreen.

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