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Gundam Wing

  • Gundam Wing Abridged "Thank you, Captain Obvious." "That's Sergeant Obvious, Sir."

Wedding Peach

Super Mario Brothers

Bowser: Here's Johnny!
Mario: Really, I thought your name was Bowser. Can I change my name to Hancock?


G Gundam

  • G Gundam Abridged. A guy crushes a wine bottle in his hand, and the scream that followed.

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Shinji: So wait, what do you mean by "tropes"?
Rei: Have you ever heard of the term "Lampshade Hanging"? [alarm] It looks like our conversation will continue another time. Operations will start soon... Butt Monkey.
Shinji: Wait, "Butt Monkey"?

Fuyutski: Wall Banger
Gendo: You're not clever.

Dueling Movies

  • The Other Eva Abridged has a few:
    • Lupin: * sees mecha nessie, who destroys their boat* "I THINK I JUST REVERSED PEED MY SELF!!"
    • "And the moral of the story is: Dolphins are assholes."
    • from Episode 2- Lupin: "I haz a bukkit!" Goemon: "I haz a bukkit?" Lupin: "Y-you wouldn't get it..." and not to mention: MIYAMOTO JESUS!

Code Geass

Tamaki: "Are we really going to follow orders from a disembodied voice?"
Ohgi: "Well, Hell, that'll be better than the last plan we had."

  • flashback*

Resistance Fighter: "Hey, guys. Can to us?"
Britannian Soldier: "I have a better idea." * blasts resistance tank*
Resistance Fighter: "Damnit!"

    • And later, the introduction of the Lancelot.

Tamaki: "Uh...there's a strangle-looking Sutherland coming our way."
Lelouch: "What, you want me to give you a cookie or something? Shoot the damn thing down!"
Tamaki: "By all appearances it looks kind of like a Donald Sutherland but let me double check."

  • Lancelot Falcon Punches Tamaki's mech's head off*

Tamaki: "Oh God it's KIEFER!!!"

Teen Titans

  • Teen Titans Abridged:
    • Raven vs. Doctor Light. It goes more or less like the original until Raven calms down, loses the tentacles, and shrinks back to her original size. Unfortunately, she missed a step.

Beast Boy: Uh, Raven... I think you were supposed to let him out.
Raven: GRR!
Beast Boy: (backing away) Never mind then!

Eternal Darkness

  • Though Eternal Darkness Abridged isn't as well known, I still found it funny, particularly Xelyaoth'gha, an amalgamate of the three abominations in the game, they were trying to handle the whole Unpleasable Fanbase, but they wondered how they would go through the ending, so Pious solves it with dice... But they had to change back first.

Hellsing Abridged

Integra: Oh, by the way, I'm only half a woman...
Alucard: ...What?

    • Likewise, the ultimate break the fourth wall moment which includes a Take That against those annoying "MP3" pop-up ads on youtube.

Anderson: (Singing) What the world needs, is lo-(Notices pop-up) What the hell is that?!

      • Alucard's reaction makes it even funnier-"I think it's an old Dorrito."
    • Alucard being forced to name ten cereals. His answer-"....bacon...."
    • Parkinson's Support Club! Shake it like it's voluntary!"
    • Walter being annoying. Pure. Freakin'. Hilarity. "STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGIE?" and later "LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT?"
    • Alucard dreaming about Bruce Willis.
    • Seras asking Walter if he has any drugs she could use.
    • Walter giving Seras her gun....and then telling her that it's made of paper mache.
    • This hilarious exchange-

Alucard: You're a little teapot.
Pip: (Singing) I'm a little teapot, short and stout...

    • The running "Miiiiillkshaaaaaaaaaaake" gag.
    • Drunk Anderson. That is all. "Go with child, my God!"
    • Jan Valentine escaping Seras' grab.

Walter: (tears of Jan's arm with the floss of doom) DOORKNOB!
Jan: That's okay, I use my left hand any-whoa (cut to Round Table raising their guns)
Integra: You're unarmed. Do you get it?
Jan: ...uh, no?
(Round table shoots him)

Alucard: Besides, it would have never worked out between us.
Anderson: But why?
Alucard: Because we both like women.
Anderson: Oh yeah...

Sonic Adventure Abriged

  • Episode 1:
    • Eggman Singing "Rain Drops Keep Fallin on My Head"
    • Big:Froggy I love you even if you do give me genital warts.
    • "You are clearly made of water but we will destroy you somehow.
    • Chaos singing the Spider-Man theme in Blah-Blah's
    • The Ending:

Eggman:muhaahahhahaha sonic dosen't even realize i'm behind this genius evil plan and I'm watching him at this very moment! muahahahhahahhahahhahahahahhahahhahahha...
Sonic(offscreen):I can hear you Eggman!
Eggman:Son of a bitch!

  • Episode 2:
    • Big:Froggy don't run away your just dragging out the plot and making us seem like relevant characters! Aw he went down the sewer, come back here jesus! Hello officer i'm not doing anything wrong just trying to find my slippery friend and committing grand theft auto for two seconds.
    • Froggy:Stop following me dumbass... I mean ribbit.
    • this:

Tails:I'VE SOILED MYSELF!!!!!!!!
Sonic:Worst. Sidekick. Ever. you can fly just bail out you dipshit!
Tails:What?(Plane explodes)

    • Sonic insulting Michael Jackson, and then getting chased by a whale and developing sever whaleaphobia.

"Dolphins! I knew you were in league with the whales!"

    • On Chaos Emeralds:

Tails:I've been testing a new power source.
Sonic:Is it a chaos emerald?
Tails:How did you know?
Tails:Sonic and the Secret Rings?
Sonic:Don't. Ever. Mention. that. Name. Again
Tails:Sonic and the Black Night?
Sonic:Okay heres your prize.
(Shows picture of Edward Cullen)Edward:sparkle sparkle!

    • When sonic asks tails to take a closer look at his emerald after calling it gay:It shows the same Edward picture on it complete with Big Gay Al's Song from South Park:Bigger, Longer, and Uncut.
  • Episode 5
    • Knuckles making an unconcious Sonic give him a blowjob.

Knuckles: Aw yeah, Sonic, take it, take it like a chilli dog.

    • "And now I'll escape on my invisible tredmill. Walking in place, walking in place, walking in place."
  • Big singing Saftey Dance.
  • Eggman ordering McDonald's.


  • Box of Danger's Pokémon the Abridged Series:
    • Ash's imaginary phone call in Episode 2.
    • After Misty's sisters offer Ash a badge in episode 7:

Misty: Ah, hell no! You whores were just gonna give it to him? This isn't your virginity, dammit, this is a Gym Badge! Something you have to earn!

    • Meowth explaining how he got the Squirtle Squad on his side in episode 11:

Ash: Why are you guys taking orders from Meowth?
Meowth: I told them the series ended with Team Gurren taking orders from a talking cat, and they just started listening to me.
Ash: But that's not what happens! The show ends with--
Meowth: SPOILERS!!! [scratches Ash's face]

Misty: Those fools! They're disrespecting the ocean. And the ocean is much like an elephant, it never forgives. Wait, that doesn't make any sense! Where was I going with that? Are they still look-oh, sh*t, they are still looking at me. They can't hear me, can they?

    • Haunter and Ghastly watching footage of Ash crossdressing in episode 21:

Ash: Is it bad that I feel comfortable?
James: Since when has it ever been bad to feel comfortable?
Jessie: After all, you're such a pretty girl!
Ash: (flattered) Really?

One Piece

From Uraby210's series:

  • Episode 10 - A Fishy Tale
    • Luffy grabbing Nami's knife-wielding hand and jamming it into her shoulder multiple times:

Luffy: Stop stabbing yourself. Stop stabbing yourself. Stop Stabbing yourself.