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The Addams Family are a state of mind! Or a mental disorder.

Literally, the Addams family (Gomez, Morticia, Fester, Granny, Pugsley and Wednesday) are what you become when you visit the Addams house and, instead of running away, start to empathise with them too much. It explains the slightly different versions of the family in the different adaptations. Luckily, along with a propensity towards enjoying torture and violence, you also become imbued with a supernatural toughness and regeneration that will even bring you back from the dead and will somehow 'inherit' (from a family member that never existed till then) a large and spooky manor complete with a bottomless fortune, a huge butler, a friendly severed hand and any number of family members. Of course only one such family exists in any given world, which is why all the different adaptations are all canon.

  • You Kill It, You Bought It. Kill an Addams, and slowly, you become that Addams. That is the true meaning of their family motto.
  • There's also a middle ground. The Addams Family is a state of mind, yes, and once you start to like them, marrying into the family (like Margaret Alford) comes with nigh invulnerability.

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