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Why isn't there a character sheet for the unique characteristics placed onto the characters? Is one even required?


Garyuu: Eh... well, I started the page and I guess the tone seemed consistent enough with the protagonists, with the exception of the EarthBound and Zelda 3 songs, which are more efforts to tell a story. The thing's going to balloon out of control though, because in the LP of Devastation alone there are 21 different games to cover, let alone once you start getting to their solo projects. However, with the sequel/continuation songs, it wouldn't be out of the question... I'll leave this up to wiser tropers.

  • Let's just say if there is one, at least make a folder for each song. That way things are more convenient.
    • One per 'franchise' maybe? One for Mega Man, one for Zelda...
      • Except their personalities are different once you reach Zelda 3. In the Zelda 1 and 2 raps, Link is portrayed as an arrogant person. In BrandO's Zelda 3 rap, Link is shown as a Blood Knight (or at least that's what he is portrayed as once he gets the sword.). So Zelda 1 and 2 should have their own folder and Zelda 3 a separate folder.
      • Not really... even in the first two he was somewhat Blood Knight-ish. From Zelda I-

"I'm here to destroy all of you one by one/Makin' you disappear, come here, you know you can't run/I got my magical shield, plenty of arrows to last me/My boomerang is at full range, I'm a walking catastrophe/Don't test me, motherfuckers, you can't hide/You can try to run, I got a map to where you reside[...]"

  • From Zelda II-

"[...]I'll kill 'em all, bitch, Thunderbird is a joke/I'll cast fire, and the smoke from your face will make you choke/So don't provoke me, I'm focused on killin' every one of you/Bring back the peace and wake the princes--WHY YOU RUNNIN' DUDE?/Come here and get what's coming to you/Bring it on, bitch, I'll split your fuckin' face apart and cook it like an omelette..."

      • Actually, it looks sorta like he gets more and more... violently angry as the songs progress. Call it Character Development or something.