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When you're as smart as Jimmy Neutron, you're bound to know one or two things you probably shouldn't. Sometimes, a savvy older viewer can pick up on some things that can fly right over the target audience's head. Examples of such instances include:

  • In the special Operation Jet Fusion, Jimmy gathers his parents to tell them a "secret they can't tell anyone." And Jimmy's dad asks if it's about Carl.
  • In the Alien Parody Episode "Who's Your Mommy," Carl is playing around with this strange alien life form when it opens up and slathers him in the face, which causes him to get pregnant.
  • In "Clash of the Cousins," Jimmy asks Sheen to get DNA samples of his cousins. Sheen asks Jimmy why is he is always the one who has to collect bodily fluids.
  • In the episode "King of Mars," when Goddard's battery was dry and they needed a way to move, Cindy came up with using Carl's stretch pants as a wind sail. When Carl protested, Jimmy said, "Carl, pants off. Now."
  • Speaking of which, in the first episode, the entire main cast spent a huge portion of the day without any pants on.
  • The TV special "Win, Lose, Kaboom!" is full of Parental Bonus. Two moments that stand out are a commercial that we only overhear advertising "Quiznoc’s tentacle lubricant," and Judy putting on a television channel that likely shows porn (juding from the music) for her and Hugh before they turn off the lights.
  • One episode has a remote that turns back seconds of time on a specific individual. Hugh goes around abusing his power, and one woman complains that he made her, "relive the miracle of life again and again."
  • Lest we forget this infamous exchange from Brobot, which deconstructs the Fridge Logic of a 10-year-old genius with an extensive knowledge of human biology when Jimmy tells his parents that he wants a baby brother.

Hugh: (Spit Take) Baby making is very... complicated, believe me.
Jimmy: Dad, Dad, it's not complicated. Really, really, it's --
Hugh: You don't know --
Jimmy: It's basically conception, right?

Hugh: (Sticks fingers in ears and hums "la la la la")

Jimmy: ...then a nine month gestation period...

Hugh: La la la la...

Jimmy: ... and then you have...

Judy: Sweetie, a new baby just isn't in the cards right now.

Jimmy: But mom, if the glandular timeline--

Hugh: That's enough! OK! Ha ha, I want pie! Anyone else want pie? I want pie!

  • Carl: "This can't be real, but I know I'm not dreaming...if I was, there'd be llamas in it, and Jimmy's mom's.........COOKIES, JIMMY'S MOM'S COOKIES!!" He didn't stop short at 'Jimmy's mom' and then tack on the 's' for the sake of the cookies; he specifically said 'Jimmy's mom's".
    • Although he could just have meant moms plural. Which is just as funny.
  • "Capture mode!" "Jahwohl, Herr Strych!"
  • From Men At Work:

Mr. Neutron: "So, what do you want me to do with this piñata stick? ... On second thought, don't answer that."

  • In the first "Jimmy Timmy Power Hour", Mr. Neutron misinterprets Mrs. Neutron's "Mighty Mom" act as "roleplaying". So naturally, when the line "Help me reach my utility belt." is uttered, well...
  • In the episode N Men, when Cindy is made invisible and fighting Jimmy (who's been hulked up) can be seen holding his hands over his pants (implying Cindy punched down under, and considering she has super strength... that's gotta hurt). Moments later when the characters' powers drain their life force Sheen says he just "lost his bladder control." Two jokes about the same body parts pretty much within a minute, good for you Jimmy Neutron.
  • On Halloween, Principal Willoughby reminisces about dressing up in the past, talking about how he was Peter Pan seven times and such. But then he mentions that one year he went as Michelangelo's David, and remarks, "Woo! That one was chilly!"
  • In the episode where Jimmy makes his dad cool, Jimmy's mom places herself in the kitchen when his father shows disappointment in what she's made for desert. Later in the episode, Carl says he'd like to hold an elephant... and a ball?
  • Jimmy using, among other things, scantily-clad women to try and win the school election. (Carl even refers to them as such.)
  • In "Granny Baby", Sheen mistakes a bra for an Ultra-Lord Double Barrel Slingshot.
  • In "Fowl Bull" Goddard gives Jimmy Iron plated Undies and it's implied he rubs his bottom with talcum powder.
  • In The Tomorrow Boys" the flower that Jimmy experimented on promptly gives Robo-bot the finger when he arrives to Jimmy's lab in the past.