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This show has many:

  • In "Splashdown":

Little Pete: (while holding an electric eel, preparing to disrupt adult swim) Who likes electric eels?
(Everyone panics and rushes to get out of the pool; Mr. Wrigley raises his hand, then joins the panicking adults in fleeing.)

  • Artie dancing to the marching band playing "Love Roller Coaster" in "Day of the Dot".
    • Let's just go ahead and include anything involving Artie.
  • Stu: "Who wants to be a bus driver when you could be a bear!?"
  • Stu: "Attention passangers there will be some new regulations: Will passengers please refrain from KILLING MY SOUL?!
    • "You're made of straw!" and the rampage that insues.
    • "Grueling coordination tests." "IT WAS A CRULLER! YOU PUT A CRULLER THERE!" Hell, everything Stu does and says in "Yellow Fever" qualifies.
  • This classic line from a little girl in "Range Boy": "I can smell his fear, mommy. It smells like bacon."
  • The Mail Lady trying to escape the earths gravity in "The Call"
    • The Cowboy from the same episode.
  • In "The Big Quiet", Teddy reveals that he and his dad participate in therapy, involving sock puppets:

Teddy: If I say something dumb, he'll treat me like a kid!
Teddy's Dad: But you ARE a kid.
Teddy: No, I'm not, I'm a talking sock!

  • pans to therapist*

Therapist: Gooooooood!

  • cuts back to Teddy with the gang*

Teddy: It's not so bad; you get to keep the sock.

  • This exchange from "Time Tunnel", in which Stu explains to Big Pete his plans now that Sally's dumped him again:

Stu: I'm going to drive to Alaska, tattoo her name to my chest, tie myself to a glacier and drift slowly out to sea.
Pete: Mind dropping me off before then?
Stu: You sure? I brought sandwiches.


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