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  • Pretty much anytime Mr. Chan is able to catch the real culprit. Hey, he's still the one and only Charlie Chan, after all!
    • In "The Bronze Idol" Flip was the one to catch the culprit (with some help from Chu-Chu, Scooter and Mimi). Considering he's the one who's most gung-ho about solving the cases and had already been wrong twice in that ep, he had to be feeling pretty damn good about himself right then.
  • From episode 5: "You stay here, Anne, you're just a girl." "Am what?!" * jumps over the fence, surfs on a wooden board across the lake*
  • Anytime the kids work together to capture the culprit. Teamwork for the win!
  • Hoppy the kangaroo knocking Mr. Whitefield to the ground and detaining him in episode 16.

Mimi: Aww, how sweet! Hoppy's kissing him.
Stanley: Yeah-he's kissing him right into jail!


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