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  • Stanley dressing up as a maid in "The Phantom Sea Thief", so he can sneak into the kitchen and get fingerprints from a glass. He even pretends to flirt with a waiter to make his costume legit! Unfortunately, he accidentally broke the cup before getting the fingerprints.
    • In the previous episode, he disguises himself as a sexy hula dancer and flirts with the suspect in hopes of getting information. When it turns out he and Henry had the wrong guy in mind, Henry comments on what a waste of time it was, but Stanley squees over the fact that he got a marriage proposal while in drag.
    • Another Stanley crossdressing moment: Henry frantically calls "2, 2!", as in "hit Chan Plan 2". Unfortunately he doesn't SAY Chan Plan 2. Result? It's too funny for words.
  • Anne's very convincing Tarzan imitations in episodes 4 and 10.
    • Anne gets another one when she and a guard do a Harpo Marx mirror routine in ep 16.
  • Pretty much any interaction between Henry and Stanley.
  • Chu-Chu is responsible for a lot of these, but most particularly episode 1 in which he meows like a cat when the museum guard says "no dogs allowed".
  • At the end of episode 7, Stanley attempts to emulate a magic trick involving the stocks. His failure to do so results in one of the best gags in the show, bar none:

Henry: (laughing) Guess what, Stanley...wham bam, you're in a jam!


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