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  • Mimi and Scooter's Sleep Cute in episode 4. It's one little shot of them sleeping cozily in the same bed and all anyone says is "they fell asleep while they were waiting up", but somehow it's sweet and "awww"-inducing when you compare it to how they usually interact and realize that in spite of their childish squabbles, their relationship is close and cozy enough that they'd share a bed in the first place.
  • The song "Number One Son" is Crowning Music of Heartwarming.
  • In issue #2 of the comic, an adaptation of the episode "To Catch A Pitcher," it starts off with the Chan boys and Chan himself attending a baseball game, and Scooter catches a home run ball hit by star player Boo Blue. After the crime (involving Blue's "disappearance") is solved, Scooter nabs another ball, this time a foul ball, in the dugout. He gives that ball to Mimi.
  • In episode 6, Henry is quite distraught when he mistakenly believes Stanley's gone. It may not seem like much, but considering how he usually regards Stanley it's definitely something.

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