The Amazing Spider-Man/Characters

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Main Characters

Peter Parker / Spider-Man

"You seriously think I'm a cop in a skintight red and blue suit?"

Played by: Andrew Garfield

Gwen Stacy

"I'm in trouble."

Played by: Emma Stone

Captain George Stacy

"Thirty-eight of New York's finest, versus one a unitard!?"

|Played by: Denis Leary


Dr. Curt Connors / The Lizard

"Ready to play God?"

Played by: Rhys Ifans


Richard & Mary Parker

Video Game Characters

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Alistair Smythe

  • Big Bad: seemingly of the game, what with being behind most of the new cross-species villains and the Spider Slayers.

Michael Morbius

The Rhino


Black Cat



Whitney Chang