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  • From "The DVD"
    • Gumball revealing that he lost his pants weeks ago and made new ones out of cardboard. Darwin thinks they make him look like he "went to the bathroom in a space suit."
    • When trying to return the DVD, Gumball and Darwin make a hilarious homebrew version of Alligators on a Train which includes cardboard alligators and hand-written, out of focus credits. The store keeper is not amused.
    • Nicole's solution to the $700 late fee on the DVD: "RUN!"
    • Any time Darwin screams. He makes the cutest and funniest little squeak.
    • The whole chase scene between Gumball, Darwin, and Nicole.
  • In general, any time Nicole loses her temper, especially since otherwise she's the second most levelheaded character in the show. "The Helmet" in particular has a hilariously epic tantrum as she trashed her bosses' office in the middle of her promotion interview. And then of course there's her in anger management in "The Club:"

Nicole (to Gumball, still perfectly calm and motherly): "Behind this door I'm a totally different person. Trust me, you don't want to see this." *walks inside*
Mr. Small: "Good afternoon, Nicole!" *goes flying through the door and crashes into another door on other side of the hallway*
Anais (poking her head out of the door): "Could you keep it down out there?"

  • From "The Responsible"
    • "Commericals!! They'll corrupt your mind!!"
    • "79% of stair accidents happen on the stairs."
    • "Are you aware that your husband isn't wearing any pants?"
  • From "The Debt", when Anais and Darwin decide to help Gumball repay his debt towards Mr. Robinson for "saving" his life. Darwin throws a brick with a ransom note tied to it at Gumball, smacking into his back. The painful spasms and crying made it all the more hilarious.

Anais: I said throw it near him, not at him!

  • Gumball and Bobert playing punchies. Gumball hits Bobert with a loud clang, and then Bobert punches Gumball right through a wall.
  • The first time Tina opens her mouth. Larynx Dissonance turned Up to Eleven (not to mention pitch-shifted way down).
  • From "The Dress"

(cut to house, with Gumball smiling and ironing clothes, with blue and orange fish babies everywhere)
Darwin, wearing a fedora and holding a briefcase: I WANT MORE KIDS!
Gumball: *crying*

    • Also in that same episode:

Richard: Hey Anais, who's your friend?
Gumball: It's me, dad.
Richard: Hello, Itsmedad. (whispers to Anais) Is she foreign?
[Anais groans in frustration and facepalms]

  • From "The Spoon"
    • It may be just me, but I just LOVE the way Gumball and Darwin say "Yay, adventure!"
    • "I'm bald and I'm proud!"
      • And the weird Animesque poses Gumball and Darwin make when they say that.
    • The ending:

Donut Cop: (to Nicole, Gumball's mom) Mam, you'll be free to go. We found the real culprit. All I need to do is fill out some paperwork and you'll be free. It'll be about 5 minutes.
Nicole: (looking at the criminal) Five minutes is all I need. (pounds her fist in her hand, then Fade to Black)

  • From "The Quest"
    • "My dad eats trespassers."
    • Earlier in that episode there's Gumball and Darwin giving Anais a robotic doll to replace Daisy, which walks back and forth talking in a distorted voice before bursting into flames and falling over, revealing its metallic body underneath.

Gumball: Anais, it's only a toy.
Anais: (demonic voice) NO IT'S NOT!

    • All of the English references:
      • Darwin speaking in an English accent.
  • Darwin telling Masami he tastes like fish.
  • From "The End"
    • Richard repeatedly trying to use the checkout scanner.

Scanner Voice: Please scan faster.

    • Richard, Gumball, and Darwin speed-walking at the supermarket, which Darwin says is "pretty effective."
    • How about "Duu~~de! You just got moooooo~ned!"
  • "The Painting":

Richard: (wakes up) Uh, what'd I just agree to?
Gumball: To get a job.

    • Mr. Small's five-step session with Gumball and Darwin:

Mr. Small: All right Darwin, take a deep breath and let it all out.
(Darwin breathes and and begins exhaling a giant bubble)
(Mr. Small pokes the bubble)
(Cut to a live-action sequence of a house getting blown up)

    • Gumball and Darwin learn about painting:

Mr. Small: All right who wants to go first?
Gumball: OOH OOH ME PICK ME! (gets drenched in pink paint)
Mr. Small: The world is your canvas. Now BE the brush!
Gumball: ...MY EYES! IT BURNS! (starts running into walls)

  • Richard displaying his "psychic" powers to change the channel[1] in "The Laziest".

Darwin: Ahhhhh! Paranormal activity!

  • From "The Ghost"
    • Carrie in Gumball's body, going on an eating binge, but pausing to pick the pickle off a burger.
    • The first-person binge-eating sequence hilariously mimics The Prodigy's video for "Smack My Bitch Up".
  • The part of "The Prank" where Gumball and Darwin pull the "raft out in the middle of a lake" prank on Richard, except they send him down a river leading to the sea. When he comes back, he's apparently been out to sea for a long time, evidenced by his beard stubble, sunburn, and lack of clothes (he was using the raft to cover his front). When Darwin asks what happened to his clothes he angrily responds that he ate them.
    • No love for the "I'm a ballerina" scene?
      • Realize you're being pranked, *frowns with thousand-yard stare*
    • The scene with the bucket stuck to Richard's head is also hilarious.
    • A music video! A music video! We are in a music video! This is what we call a music video! Oh baby! We're singin'!
  • The beginning of "The Kiss" when Gumball is first traumatized by Grandma JoJo's kiss.
    • Later on the scene where Anais tries to get Grandma JoJo's luggage up the staircase using a rock and plank catapult, complete with schematic nailed to the wall. She miscalculates, causing the suitcase to fly out the front door which Darwin just opened, after which it flies into Gumball putting him inside. His scream is what seals it.
    • Also at the end Anais gets the suitcase up the stairs... only for JoJo to ask her to take it back down again, making Anais furious in a manner similar to the example from "The Quest" above. She then throws the suitcase out the window.
  • Several moments from "The Party"...
    • Ms. Simian & Principal Brown crashing the party and busting it wide open.
    • A TV throwing himself out the window.
    • Darwin's reaction to Tobias' older sister kissing him on the cheek.
    • Molly accidentally bursting through the roof.

The Sun: "Hey dude, I'm trying to sleep here!"
Molly: "Sorry."

  • From "The Refund" Gumball attempting to stuff his new game (which looks like an SNES cartridge) into his game system (which looks like a Super Famicom crossed with a DVD player).
    • Gumball using hypnosis on Larry.
    • Gumball and Darwin showing Larry a homemade PSA about kids each year not getting refunds, which is followed by the two of them singing a parody of "We Are the World".
    • The manager beating up Richard.
    • The ending where Gumball prepares to enjoy his game then it reveals the manager gave them a shredder propped up to look like a console.
  • "The Picnic" gave us this gem.

Gumball: "I'm a predator, hear me roar! *Meow*"


Darwin: (completely calm) There are no words to express the pains that I feel right now.

Gumball: (also calm) Sure there are.


    • Darwin says hi to a pair of seemingly harmless squirrels:

Squirrel #1: They'll never make it out of here alive.
Squirrel #2: We'll feed on their carcasses.

    • Gumball setting his hands on fire trying to start a camp fire.
    • Darwin eating Gumball's clothes.
    • Gumball falling off a cliff after he decides to leave Darwin.
    • Gumball and Darwin finally making it to the campsite and then eating from the trash.
  • "The Goons"
    • Gumball's Evil Laugh when he plots to compete with Anais to become Richard's favorite.
    • Tobias competing in the dumb race only for him to grab dozens of balloons and floats away from the race. He spends the rest of the episode floating above the park and then the hospital.

Tobias: I'm winning! I'm winning! I'm winning! (grabs the balloons blindly and starts to float away)NOT WINNING!!

    • Banana Joe ran through a steel fence and gets sliced in pieces.

Banana Joe: I'm a banana split. (laughs) ooh, it hurts.

    • Larry accidentally proposed Richard by mistake. Richard took it seriously, followed by a melodramatic thinking montage.
    • "Dad. I cannot play "Butt Puppets" right now."
    • The very last scene of a still-blindfolded Darwin running in circles around a tree:

Darwin: Did I win yet? Did I win yet? Did I win yet? [crashes into the tree] .....ow.

  • From "The Sock", during Gumball and Darwin's montage of harsh honesty:

Gumball (to Penny): I love you!
(Penny does a gasp of happiness)
Darwin: He'll never make the first move!
(Penny's annoyed)

    • For that matter Mr. Small, stuck in his cabinet, mentioning his problem with his knees bumping into his back.
  • From "The Genius", Gumball holding his breath and causing his head to swell assuming it'll make him smarter.
  • "The Mustache":
    • Gumball and Darwin become men. Anais becomes an even bigger man.

Gumball: You look like a Mexican wrestler.

    • When the hormones finish changing Gumball completely it has a closeup of his butt suddenly becoming incredibly muscular, then we get a quick shot of Leslie's shocked face.
    • The "Because We're Men" montage.
    • Gumball's pec dance.
    • MALE POWER 2000
    • And the sight of Richard and Nicole playing with their "hairy body-building mutant" children happily in the park.

Nicole: They grow up so fast.

  • "The Date":
  • The entirety of "The Wand", but in particular there's Richard thinking he's casting a reverse spell on Gumball and Darwin. Gumball repeats his previous line "Its power has overtaken you" as "You overtaken has power its", to which Darwin corrects him saying "Uoy nekatrevo sah rewop sti".
  • In "The Car", Anais and Nicole are coming home, Nicole notices the Robinsons are talking to a police officer next to their burning car. She ducks down as they pass by the house and makes Anais do the same, but Anais's Daisy the Donkey doll is still sticking up, leading to some very confused looks when it appears a doll is driving a car.
  • At the end of the "The Curse", the family decide to use their minds to get Daisyland tickets. We're then treated to a scene where a family ticket blows away from a stand, into a car, into a plane, then into the hospital room the Wattersons were in at the time. Specifically, right into the table fan it is shredded into pieces by.

Darwin: Yaaay! I wished for snow!

    • "The Curse" in general, for maximum Humiliation Conga-ness. High points include Gumball getting stepped on in the middle of a spontaneous bursting-into-song, Gumball finding a "lucky football" and ending up being punted into the distance (where the goal post then falls on him), science and reason going down the drain as the world disproves Anais' claim that bad luck doesn't exist with gusto, and finally the universe going Rube Goldbergian outer limits on Gumball in an all out attempt to destroy him.
  • At the beginning of the montage of Gumball filling the "Gross Jar" in "The Microwave" he's seen blowing his nose and putting the used napkins in the jar. Eventually he sneezes so hard his entire face comes off.

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  1. i.e. pressing buttons on the remote with his butt-crack