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  • Are the Wattersons the only interspecies couple? All the other married couples seem to be the same (or very similar) species, from what I've seen.
    • They're the only married ones we've seen so far, but there's also Principal Brown and Miss Simian, Carmen and Alan, and Gumball and Penny.
  • If Gumball doesn't attend any clubs, why did his family bring him along to the school for Club Day? He was just going to have to sit around for hours, and would be on his out there just the same as at home.
    • I suppose they just wanted to encourage Gumball to try and join a club.
  • Just how old are most of the adults in the show? Nicole and Richard's age can be estimated to be around their late-30's or early-40's, along with the other characters visible in Nicole's flashback to her junior high days like Penny's Dad and Mr. Small, but then Mr. Robinson makes a sudden appearance in Richard's flashback in a later episode, and it's been said that he's at least fifty! What the what?!
  • If Gumball is so dumb, how did he get to middle school? I do not want the "because he's Gumball" excuse. I would be happy if someone could answer.
    • The Elmore educational system is seriously messed up.
    • In a world mostly filled with idiots the education system's standards would be more lax.
  • How old is Darwin?
  • During the 'Think Big' montage in "The Genius", Gumball's brain smashes portraits of Albert Einstein and Charles Darwin, but who is that third fellow he smashes?

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