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Here this page can give you some awful nightmares. This show can sometimes give out a few scary moments.

The developers were 100% on drugs , On that Mind Rape show.

  • In the episode, The Ghost, when Carrie possesses Gumball. Oh man, the nightmarish look of Gumball. The same can be said for Richard when Carrie possesses him.
  • In The Prank, Richard gives out the most scariest face anyone can imagine.
  • When Gumball tries to stop being sarcastic in "the Test" it horrifically poisons him. And this causes Tobias to take over Gumball's life and the show, turning it into a Cliche Storm sitcom. When Tobias takes Penny as his girlfriend, Gumball melts his face off.
  • In "the Vision" it turns out Alan wants to Take Over The World and send sad people into happy camps. Happy camps, by the way, torture people into acting happy. If it doesn't work on you, you are corrected.
  • Darwin's hallucination of singing potatoes in "the Potato".
  • "the Joy" in it's entirety.
  • Darwin's dream of what would happen if he got $5000. He tries to save the world, but ends up polluting it with toxic waste. And then, Darwin calls out to people in an empty landscape, and mutants tackle Darwin and eat him alive.
  • Anais' belief that if the Wattersons open the box in "the Box" it would cause a zombie apocalypse.
    • At one point, Tobias tries to hide in a bathroom but a zombie appears and drags him off.
    • How about the clipboard man talking about how most of the populace being infected, before something appears and drags him down a dark hall way to his death.
  • In "the Downer" Gumball is apparently the last man left on Earth while in a bad mood. Than his misery consumes all his happiness, but Gumball escapes. But the scary part? The ending shows that all of it was Gumball hallucinating during a nervous breakdown. And no one, not even his family, bothered to so much as lift a finger while a delusional Gumball wandered about Elmore.
    • Gumball thinking this was the Biblical end of days, and apologizing so he could join everyone else in heaven.
    • The walkway sign changing from a Don't Walk to No Escape.

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