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  • "The Dress" seemed to fling everything it could past the radar:
    • Gumball goes around naked for large portions of the episode. With Pixellation.
    • Gumball having an Imagine Spot that the two of them are married... and he's surrounded by cat/fish babies while Darwin comes home and yells, "I WANT MORE KIDS!"
      • What really crosses the line with that scene is not only are they both male, and both children, but they're also both siblings through adoption.
  • The plot for "The Third" seemed like it was talking about ménage à trois and, later, infidelity.

Darwin: Three best friends? Won't that be a bit... weird?
Gumball: It's only weird if we make it weird. Do you find it weird?
Darwin: Not if you don't.

  • "The Pressure" has a part where Darwin and Gumball accidentally kiss. And they like it, to boot.
    • Earlier in the episode, the boys agreeing to a 'Pals before Gals' pact ('pals before gals' being the G-rated version of "bros before hos")
    • Tobias declares he wants to make a blood pact and tries to slit his hand.He fails and is seen painfully attempting to slit it until giving up.
    • The part where the girls are (falsely) bragging about who got the older boyfriend, the entire segment counts, but the gold is when the last one says "mine is so old that he doesn`t have teeth."
  • Another example from "The Pressure"

Gumball: (while doing high dive to save Darwin from a girlfriend) On one hand, I create a diversion and save Darwin. On the other hand, I splash Penny and look like- *SMACK*

  • In "The Prank" we get this exchange:

Gumball: (Hyperventilating, Darwin having done the "PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER MAN" thing) YOU'RE. NOT. HELPING!
Darwin: (Rubs Gumball's cheeks) That help?
Gumball: (Calmed down considerably) Better. Now hug me and tell me everything's gonna be OK?
Darwin: (Hugs) Everything's gonna be OK.
Gumball: Now give me a kiss?~
Darwin: (Kisses)
(Cuddling ensues.)

  • In "The Party", Gumball is searching for a date to the party, his observation of Teri (a bear made of paper) has a strange double meaning.

Gumball: She's a little flat.

    • While the party is being busted wide open, Alan motorboated two balloons.
    • Also, in the end where Rachel's parents arrive we see Principal Brown and Ms. Simian in a closet. They were visibly surprised.
  • "The Secret" where Gumball get's crap beat out of him by a sweet innocent looking 4 year little sister of his.
  • When a character's name is Gaylord, one must wonder if the censors even care to review the show before airing it

Darwin: Does this mean we can call you Gaylord instead of Mr. Robinson?

  • "The Poltergeist" has arguing being synonymous with sex, and the Robinson losing their anger toward one another being synonymous with their losing interest in each other sexually.
  • In "The Genius", Gumball tries conversing with a couple of nerds. When he fails, one of the nerds calls him a "gluteus maximus", which we should all know what it really refers to.
  • In "The Mustache", Gumball, Darwin, and Anais accidentally take their Dad's 'supplements' that he was going to use to impress his wife (and make his man-boobs stick up). Really [dead link].

Gumball: Man, What a pile of beans.
Darwin: Dude, watch your language, you'll get us in trouble.
Gumball: Well I'm sorry Darwin but it is. It's a big, steaming, pile of beans.

  • Anytime they have flex a character flex, they prominently show a butt flex.
  • Also, if a video is paused or you look closely, the box reads "strength", "muscle" and "performance".
  • In "The Curse" when Gumball is in detention a pencil narrowly avoids impaling him but hits a picture of him in the crotch.
  • In "The Microwave", Darwin has a really ghetto moment where he tries to abandon their newborn son Kenneth. It's even funnier because Darwin's voice actor just happens to be African-American.

Darwin: I don't want to be a baby father!


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