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Season One

  • The DVD: Gumball and Darwin accidentally destroy a late rental DVD.
  • The Responsible: Gumball's parents have to go to a school meeting, but cannot find a good babysitter. They leave Gumball and Darwin to babysit Anais with the instruction to be responsible.
  • The Third: Gumball searches for a third friend to round out his clique, but he and Darwin grow apart when Darwin befriends Tobias.
  • The Debt: Gumball thinks that Mr. Robinson saved his life, and vows to save Mr. Robinson's life in return.
  • The End: All signs point to the end of the world, at least that's what Gumball and Darwin think.
  • The Dress: Gumball's clothes are ruined thanks to his dad's mishap with the laundry and now he has to wear his mom's wedding dress. He is soon mistaken for a girl and becomes popular in school, not to mention a crush from Darwin.
  • The Quest: Gumball and Darwin must get Anais' talking donkey plush back from Tina the T-Rex.
  • The Spoon: Gumball and Darwin become unwitting accomplices in a stick-up.
  • The Pressure: Masami wants to show off to the other girls by pretending Darwin is her boyfriend and kissing him, which Gumball is determined to save him from.
  • The Painting: After seeing a painting Anais drew of her family, Principle Brown decides the rest of her family need to follow his plan for attitude adjustment.
  • The Laziest: Gumball and Darwin get in a contest with Richard to find someone who's lazier than he is.
  • The Ghost: Gumball's body is used as a host for Carrie so that she can experience the joy of eating.
  • The Mystery: Principal Brown has been found shaved, painted, and stuffed into Gumball's locker and no one can leave school until they find out who's responsible.
  • The Prank: Gumball and Darwin get into a prank war with Richard that starts getting out of hand.
  • The Gi: Gumball and Darwin are made fun of for wearing their karate outfits to school.
  • The Kiss: Gumball is traumatized by a kiss from his Grandma Jojo, and tries to force himself to forget it.
  • The Party: Tobias blackmails his teenage sister into letting all the kids in Gumball's class to her party, but she says they all have to come with a date.
  • The Refund: A video game Gumball and Darwin bought doesn't work with the console they have, so they try to circumvent the policy of the store they got it from to get a refund.
  • The Robot: When Gumball and Darwin try to help Bobert be a real boy, Bobert decides he'll just take Gumball's identity instead.
  • The Picnic: Gumball and Darwin are separated from their class on a picnic trip, and have to survive through the Forest of Doom.
  • The Goons: Anais asks Gumball and Darwin how to be dumb so she can enjoy playing with them and Richard. She ends up succeeding, to the point that Gumball thinks he's being replaced.
  • The Secret: Gumball tries to found out what Darwin is keeping secret from him.
  • The Sock: When Gumball and Darwin say their dad ate their homework, they get sent to Mr. Small to learn about honesty.
  • The Genius: The Wattersons try to cope when Darwin is taken away after receiving a perfect score on his aptitude test.
  • The Poltergeist: When Mr. Robinson is kicked out of the house by his wife, Gumball lets him stay in his attic which causes Richard to think the house is haunted.
  • The Mustache: Gumball and Darwin both wish they were adults just before something their dad meant to eat turns them huge, hairy, and muscular.
  • The Date: Penny invites Gumball to her house, which he thinks is for a date.
  • The Club: All of the Wattersons but Gumball are going to clubs, and Gumball decides to do the same. He rejects the only club that offers him membership--the Reject Club--and its members seek revenge.
  • The Wand: Richard gets a plastic wand and Gumball and Darwin try to keep him from getting upset by finding out it isn't really magic.
  • The Ape: Miss Simian pretends to make friends with the Wattersons to get a recommendation for an award.
  • The Car: Gumball and Darwin do chores for the Robinsons to make up for throwing a (bowling) ball into their yard, but Mr. Robinson's new car ends up getting destroyed.
  • The Curse: Gumball is having a run of bad luck.
  • The Microwave: When Gumball's jar of disgusting things gets thrown in the microwave, a small creature comes out. And it's hungry.
  • The Meddler: Nicole decides she needs to give Gumball more attention by following him to school everywhere.
  • The Helmet: Gumball, Nicole and Richard argue over a supposedly lucky helmet and Gumball definitely isn't going to give it up without a fight.
  • The Fight: Anais thinks Tina is bullying Gumball, but her attempts to stop her instead results in Tina demanding a "meeting" with Gumball after school the next day.

Season Two