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  • In "Long, Tall Daggy" Norbert takes great pride in being slightly taller than Daggett, and in fact makes it a weekly tradition which he calls Measuring Day. Then one day, the automated measuring chart shows Dag to be the taller sibling. Naturally, Dag lords it over Norb and doesn't seem to take notice as his brother's self-confidence crumbles over the course of the episode. Come the next Measuring Day, Norb finally admits to Dag that he can't handle the fact that he's now the shorter brother. Dag brushes it off ("Well, that's just tough newbies, Norby!") and they march over to the measuring chart... But Dag drops to his knees to get an inaccurate reading. While it's a little dishonest and hides the truth from Norb, Dag really does care about his brothers' feelings.

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