The Angry Beavers/Recap/E14 Bug a Boo

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Before going to bed, Dag finds a strange warning label on one of their Yahoo! bottles: "Keep out of reach of insects". Meanwhile, a cricket makes his way into the lodge, and drinks the leftovers of the Yahoo soda, causing it to grow in size. Freaked out, the cricket runs amok, scaring the living heck out of Dag. Norb doesn't believe there's a giant cricket loose in the dam, but eventually sees it too. The beavers attempt to find a way to rid of the cricket, but Dag realizes it's just scared, and needs to be let out. Afterward Norb has Dag rid of all the bottles.

Tropes featured in this episode:


Norb: Did you take care of those bottles, Dag?
Dag: Yep. Threw them out in the recycling bin, just like you said.
Norb: Good, good... of course... you remembered to put the lid on the recycling bin, did you Dag?
Dag: Lid?
Norb: You idiot.