The Angry Beavers/Recap/E22 You Promised

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A race that the Beavers have ends in a tie. The prize is supposed to be a "Lickety Split" treat, so Norb tricks Dag into handing over the prize in return for doing whatever Dag tells him, for one whole day, a year from now. Dag accepts, and one year later, Dag remembers the promise (because he wrote a reminder on his underwater eyelids), much to Norb's surprise and horror.

Tropes featured in this episode:

  • Blatant Lies: Norb takes advantage of Dag's order to act "like a farm animal". Norb acts like a bull and starts ramming Dag in the air. Dag yells, "I command you to stop!" Norb rams him again. When Dag lands back on the ground he exclaims, "You just went back on your promise!" Norb's response? "No, I didn't. I even said okee-dokee, Daggy!"
  • Out-Gambitted: To be fair, it wasn't much of a gambit to begin with, as Norb was merely relying on Dag's stupidity and forgetfulness. He didn't count on Dag writing a reminder down!
  • The Promise
  • Reverse Psychology: Norb attempts to act like he really wants to do everything Dag orders him to do, in an attempt to creep Dag out, and get out of the promise. It works for awhile, until Dag sees through him.
  • Wager Slave
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not Heinous?: Some of the things Dag orders Norb to do are just stupid and meaningless.