The Angry Beavers/Recap/E 7 Boxtop Beavers

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The Beavers have gotten their hands on a bunch of cereal boxes with the intention of just getting the toys inside. Well, that's Dag's mission anyway. Norb actually eats the cereal first before getting his toys. Dag soon finds out the toys he's finding (Toebot, bumbee magnet, a cheap tiny telescope) are terrible, but Norb's toys (a giant telescope, an actual robot) are way cooler! Is it just bad luck on Dag's part? Norb reveals he's actually clipping the boxtops and mailing them away to the cereal company to get his toys. He informs Dag that if he collects 1,000 boxtops he can win a street sweeper. Dag wants it, but Norb tells him he has to eat all the cereal first.

Tropes featured in this episode:

  • You Fail Economics Forever: Dag believes the tiny telescope he received could be sold in a store for 125 dollars. A tiny telescope that's probably plastic, and fell apart anyway seconds after Dag made the statement.
  • Fridge Logic: While nobody expects Dag to be as competent at anything as Norb can, but one wonders why it takes so long for Dag to finish eating all the breakfast cereal, when it took Norb mere seconds.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Literally for Dag when he challenges Norb's robot.
  • Plot Coupons: For awesome toys!
  • Plot Device: Norb receives a letter from the cereal company informing them the street sweeper offers have expired. Why a cereal company would mail such a letter to anyone is never explained, but it does advance the plot, and inspire Dag to raid the cereal company.
  • Shout-Out: To Jaws. When Dag is "swimming" through his cereal searching for toys, his fin-shaped ears poke through the top, and the "Jaws" theme plays.
  • Stock Scream: The "Whoooooo-oooo-ooo!" scream that Dag lets out when he gets flung through the air by the street sweeper machinery, was previously used in "Long in the Teeth". The scream gets used a number of other times throughout the series.
  • Super OCD: Norb comes off this way the way he lines up his cereal boxes, eats his cereal, cuts and stacks his boxtops...
  • Toon Physics: Somehow, Dag climbs into one of his own cereal boxes, and comes out of one of Norb's cereal boxes! Norb's just as puzzled as the audience.