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  • The fact the film is silent isn't because of a gimmick. The fact it's a silent film reflects George's state of mind. Most of the film is silent because he's a silent film star. It's where he's most at home, and where he's most comfortable. His nightmare features sync'ed sound (even though he doesn't talk - though his dog barks.) As he grows more and more comfortable with the new sound era, more sounds are introduced (such as his tap dancing.) When he's finally, truly confident in himself again, everyone starts talking, including George himself. On a side note, George does have some basis for nervousness at being in talkies in Hollywood - his French accent is unbelievably thick, but that didn't stop Greta Garbo with her Swedish accent.
  • Why is the film rated R in a film with no cursing, no kissing, and very little violence? Officially, it's the flipped bird and the mild peril of George's suicide. In actuality, the period-correct smoking and drinking flies in the face of the modern position of No Smoking.

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