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  • Ok, DC in general has always bugged me with their willingness to make-up ways around the "only one universe" thing after Crisis on Infinite Earths," but at least I was finally able to dig through enough material to figure out that the Crime Syndicate was from the Antimatter Universe, making it technically fair. What really bugs me now, however, is this: If there are now only 52 universes in the DC Multiverse, and the Wildstorm verse is one of them, what did The Authority visit in issue 6 of The Lost Year?
  • Well, Midnighter has repeatedly proven to be able to survive in anaerobic environments (such as the MARS for example) for quite an amount of time (even if it hurts him to do so). Still, during a major tearjerker moment in the latest arc he uses one of the supposedly rare OXYGEN-CYLINDERS in order to be able to meet Apollo above the polluted smog. It's stated by both Jack and Apollo that Midnighters habit of visiting Apollo like this is likely to get him killed eventually anyways and since he is able to shut down his pain-receptors I don't think a little bit of pain would bother him, so: Why waste resources unnecessarily?

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