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  • The flashback in "Traction," that shows Alfred picking Bruce up in the police station on the night of his parents' murder, is part this and part Tear Jerker.
  • Batgirl comforting a scared Robin when they're on their own against Black Mask's minions in "The Breakout."
  • The ending of Seconds. Just... the ending of Seconds.
  • In the two-part finale of Season 4, one of the subplots concerns Bruce wondering if he isn't better off without Batgirl and Robin helping him. This leads to him continually leaving them out of the loop for most of both episodes. Finally, when the Joining finally attacks Gotham and Batman rushes off to stop them (leaving both of them behind, again), Alfred encourages them to disobey him, knowing he'll need all the help he can get. When they finally catch up to him in Wayne Industries, they confront him.

Batgirl: You picked us, Batman, because you knew we were strong.
Robin: And sometimes, that's about being strong enough to help you.
Batgirl: Even when you think you don't need us.
Batman: It's never been about not needing you. It's about not losing you.

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