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  • The Penguin lends himself to these.
    • In his first appearance, he explains that he was abroad in the Far East. As he finished that statement, a pair of attractive women walk in the room, prompting Penguin to remark with, "Speaking of abroad..."
      • Later in that same episode, he is heard offscreen smacking some female party attender's butt and is immediately slapped by her for it.

Penguin: (grins) Hmm. Feisty...

  • In The Batman vs. Dracula movie, when Dracula takes notice of Vicky Vale, a local news reporter, the Penguin confirms that she is attractive by commenting that she had "nice jugulars".
  • Batgirl got a pretty good line in the episode "Two of a Kind":

Robin: The neighbors say that [Harley Quinn] went freely with the Joker. Wonder what he could want with her?
Batman: He saw a vulnerable person he could manipulate, someone good for a few laughs until he got bored.
Batgirl: And join us again next week when Batman analyzes the Freudian implications of Penguin's umbrella.

  • Joker's use of the expression "snafu", unless there's a kid-friendly version of that acronym I haven't heard of...
    • There is, actually. Situation Normal All Fouled Up.