The Black Saint

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The Black Saint is a 2021 novel by Timo Burnham about a costumed crimefighter in a fantasy setting.

When he first comes to stay with his friend in the city of Alanthos, Theo Anamanth finds the bustling metropolis overwhelming, not least because of his ability to sense other people's presence. While initially content to keep his head down and live a normal life, after witnessing the attempted assassination of the most powerful man in the city, Theo is quickly embroiled in a world of mystery, tracheary, and violence. Donning a mask and cape, he stalks the city at night in hopes of unravelling the many secrets hidden in the city's underbelly. In order to discover the truth, he must become, The Black Saint.

WARNING! There are unmarked Spoilers ahead. Beware.

Tropes used in The Black Saint include: