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  • That one part where a flower falls in love with the Toaster, but he quickly rejects the flower, and then sees the flower wilt and die from his rejection. What. The. Hell.
    • I started bawling at that scene.
    • The flower wasn't in love with the Toaster. He was in love with his own reflection. (The flower was a Narcissus; get it?)
      • Yes, as an adult. But how many 8yr olds know what a Narcissus flower looks like?
    • The flower didn't have others of its kind around and it probably wished that it did. One day the flower sees another of its kind (because of Toaster) and gets rejected by it. The poor thing falls into depression because its dream of living happily among its own kind failed.
    • The flower scene tugged the heartstrings of many. What's really astounding is that they managed to set up a Tear Jerker in less than sixty seconds. Seriously (And it is a major, major Tear Jerker, especially if it's your first time watching the movie and don't know it's coming).
  • In the same vein, if you happened to find Blanky adorable rather than annoying, then the scene where all the appliances refuse to let him snuggle with them during their first night in the wilderness is probably quite heart-wrenching to watch.
  • And what about Toaster's death?
  • A lot of the old cars' stories in "Worthless" can tug on the heart strings. Just listen to the Indy car's story.

I must confess, I'm impressed how I did it
I wonder how close that I came

I worked on a reservation
Who would believe they would love me and leave on a bus back to old Santa Fe?
Once in an Indian nation,
I took the kids on the skids with a Hopi.
I was happy 'till I heard him say
"You're worthless."

I took a man to a graveyard
I beg your pardon it's quite hard enough just living with the stuff I have learned

    • This song is probably one of the saddest songs I've ever heard. When you boil it down, it's a song about the inevitability of death, growing too old to fulfill your goals in life, living with regrets, depression, and abandonment. In a kid's movie. Damn Growing Up Sucks.

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