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What evil drives... The Car?


The 1977 film The Car is exactly what would you get if you crossed Jaws with Duel, minus the Spielberg.

A car appears in the fictional Utah town of Santa Ynez. But not just any car: It is a heavily modified black 1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III, which proceeds to mercilessly run down local citizens. The local police force is baffled by this, especially given sketchy claims from eyewitnesses that the car had no plates, and much more oddly, no driver...

Enter Sheriff Wade Parent, who must find out who's driving the damn thing, how to stop it, and hopefully protect his kids, girlfriend, and, well everybody else from this motorized menace.

Generally considered to be pretty bad. So Bad It's Good, actually. Gene Siskel gave it just one star and called it "The Cinematic Turkey of 1977."

There's nowhere to run, so you might as well read these tropes:

"Oh great brothers of the night, who rideth out upon the hot winds of hell, who dwelleth in the Devil's lair; Move and appear!"