The Castle of Cagliostro/Heartwarming

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  • Lupin and Clarisse meet for the second time in the castle's secluded tower. What follows will surely melt your heart, whether you have a heart or not. To put into detail, Lupin offers Clarisse to "steal her away from Cagliostro", but she refuses, thinking he's no match for Cagliostro and he will surely be killed. Hearing this, he laments on, if only she'd believe, he could fly through the air or drink up every single drop of water from the largest lake in one gulp. Finally, in order to give her a reason to have faith, Lupin (almost magically) produces a tiny rose from his hand with a string of tiny European flags attached to it and gives it to Clarisse as a keepsake.
    • Even more heartwarming in hindsight is the fact that Lupin accomplishes everything he says he could do. He flies through the air to rescue Clarisse, and drains the lake in the course of his ultimate showdown with the count.
  • At the end, when Zenigata catches up to Clarisse just after Lupin's departure.

Zenigata: Blast it! I was one step behind him. Lupin stole something again!
Clarisse: No, he didn't steal anything. All he did was fight for me.
Zenigata: (looking straight at Clarisse) No, he stole something quite precious... your heart.
Clarisse: (gasps, then smiles while nodding) Yes.
Zenigata: (steps back, saluting her) Well, if you'll excuse me. (resumes Stern Chase)