The Crossoverlord

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The Crossoverlord is a Superhero action comic that, as the name might imply, is a crossover among a number of superhero webcomics, starring Lightbringer, ANT, Mind Mistress, Dasien and Dead Debbie (Indefensible Positions). In 2009, The Green Avenger and Ultra (Point Guardian) were added to the ranks, in March and October respectively. This comic is written as a collaboration among the authors of the source webcomics.

In the story, a being called The Crossoverseer (a Guardian of the Multiverse) gathers heroes from various universes (read: webcomics) to oppose The Smiling Man (the Crossoverlord of the title) a villain who is likewise gathering villains to help with his plans against the guardian. The main characters are actually only one of many such teams, though they get to deal with the Smiling Man directly. At first, the heroes must learn to get along with each other, but later they discover the chilling truth about Smiling Man's actions.

The comic has concluded, but a sequel titled Crossoverkill has commenced with a new team of heroes, although Mindmistress is reprising. Energize, Yuuki, Fusion (from Essay Bee Comics), Captain Perfect (from Bad Guy High), Majestic Knight and Hoodoo (from Magellan) are the other confirmed members.

Tropes used in The Crossoverlord include: