The Dark Knight Saga/Haiku

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Why so serious?
Oh, that's right, it's because I
Blew up your girlfriend.

—Some Sort Of Troper

Damn you, evil clown.
Now I guess I'll go and kill
Everyone but you.

These films are about
A man in a damn bat suit
And yet they kick ass!


Old franchise's death
Catalyzed bat-series and
Made it save itself.


Lots of lip-licking
And dragging out your "o"s can
Win you an Oscar.


Rollercoaster ride
of suspense and huge plot twists
Franchise is revived.

A movie about
A psychotic clown's fight with
The goddamn Batman!

—DJ Marred

This movie is great
But all I can think is
The sequel will flop.

—Jason Batman

Chill kills his parents
Bruce masters anger and fear
A legend is born

The Joker Strikes Hard
Chaos fights against order
The Dark Knight triumphs

War comes to Gotham
Brutal Bane destroys all hope
The legend ends here.

—Agent John Bishop

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