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  • The Battle Royale based Seventy Two Hours has Mike V as this to Joel. The latter is the head of the wrestling club who are rampaging throughout the island, torturing and killing anyone getting in their way. The former is his trusted lieutenant, and one of the few in the class who can claim to be as sadistic as Joel.
  • One of the major agents of the Villain Protagonist's private army, (in the Mass Effect fanfic The Council Era), an asari known as Adaria, serves as The Dragon for the salarian politician, Tyrin Lieph's. Her primary motivation and reasoning for her loyalty to him is My Master, Right or Wrong. She serves as a Co Dragon with the leaders of the other sectors within the Soldiers of Salvation, like batarian Nikhail Baraat and quarian Shedev'Higa.
  • A Disgaea fic titled Disgaea Jewel of the gods has a knight cloaked in armor named Fried, who is the strongest minion of Baal, and his right hand man, gathering the ingredients to curse Adell, Mao, and Laharl, putting their levels down to 1, and defeating most of the people in Evil Academy for him.
  • Ponies Make War: Nihilus and General Esteem initially share the role, but after Nihilus is defeated, Esteem takes on full Dragon duties.
  • Colonel Sebastian Moran is this to Professor Moriarty in the Sherlock Holmes stories, and most fics play this straight, including the Deliver Us from Evil Series.
  • In the Death Note fic Low Light Matsuda becomes this for Light/Kira (taking A Level In Badass along the way) as he becomes Kira's mysterious personal bodyguard and gets assigned a dramatic costume of menacing black body armor that would make Darth Vader proud.
  • Discord has several Dragons over the course of the Pony POV Series:
    • In the Epilogue timeline, all of the corrupted Mane Six probably qualify, but Twilight Tragedy and Traitor Dash seem to be the ones he uses most for doing his dirty work.
    • During "Origins", he eventually forced his mortal mother Shady into the role until she eventually betrayed him during his Final Battle with the Princesses.
    • At the end of the Mind Games arc, he succeeds in corrupting Diamond Tiara and making her his new Dragon.
    • In an example not relating to Discord, Cheerilee served as Princess Gaia's Knight while under her sway.

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