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These are recommendations made by Tropers for Fan Fics, all of which have been signed. After a few samples, you will be able to judge whether you might be interested in the 'fic, based on who recommended it. No-name recommendations will be Zapped (wiki). Nobody would back up the rec. Discussion of the recommendation is welcome on the discussion page. As such discussion is important, do remember to add the discussion page to the watchlist, if need be.

Do warn when a fanfic may head into non-canon territory. Some people just don't like it, and as we all know, Shipping is Serious Business.

Authors, and Websites

Little Chicago

  • Recommended by Rin Simyaldee
  • Little Chicago has written a brilliant five part series (the last of which is still a WIP) that is honestly the best Dresden fic I have ever seen, as well as one of the best in general. The tone, writing and characterization are as close to perfectly original flavor as it is possible to get, and the fics are suitably awesome. The series takes place soon after Turn Coat, and so far it seems to be an AU ignoring Changes. So good, I wasted a large amount of time just sitting, reading madly until I finished the entire series in one sitting. Very highly recommended.

General Fics

Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

Broken Mirror by Little Chicago

  • Recommended by Surtr Noir]
  • Status: Complete
  • Series: Yes [4 Additional stories]
  • Synopsis: What started as a small fic it converted in an entire AU series of small novels about the favorite Wizard for Hire. After Turn Coat Harry receives a desperate call from Kincaid. Ivy has been kidnapped again and it rest into Harry and Company to save her before is too late.

A Personage of Noble Rank and Title by Priscellie

  • Recommended by GG Crono
  • Synopsis: The story of Warden Donald Morgan, from his early life to his term as a soldier during the Great War up to the events of the books, shedding a bit of light on his life, his motivations, and his hatred for Harry.

Good Timing by A Wandering Ministrel

  • Recommended by Jack Inqu
  • Synopsis: Most dangerous job in the world? Alaskan crab fisherman have nothing on members of Harry Dresden's army.

Duty by Crevan Fox

  • Recommended by Ikki
  • Synopsis: Character study of Michael Carpenter.

Famous Last Words by Incandescent Kitsune

  • Recommended by Tempus Corvus
  • Synopsis: When Harry and his friends are captured by Nicodemus, Harry ends up choosing some rather...odd last words.

New York Magician by The Custodian

  • Recommended by Jonn
  • Synopsis: A lifelong New Yorker makes deals with ancient, powerful beings and solves mysteries.
  • Comments: While not strictly a fanfic, the series clearly takes a lot of inspiration from our favorite snarky detective. It's well-written enough to be a series in its own right, barring the obvious copyright concerns


  • Recommended by DARTHYAN
  • Synopsis: Maggie has known who her father was for five years. When she finally confronts him, she's only given reason to hate him. But what happens when the only man who can help her and her school is her father? Takes place twenty years after the events of Changes

Cardsharps [dead link]

  • Recommended by Razorsmile
  • Synopsis: Dresden Files AU. Harry becomes Winter Knight after killing Justin DuMorne.

Life in Medieval Chicago by melannen

  • Recommended by Razorsmile
  • Synopsis: So I'm the only spiritwalker north of the Oyo who has no village and works only for hire. I'm not proud of that, but despite what the priests might tell you, the medicine paths still work when you walk them for pay. And a man's gotta eat.

The Fable of Joyful Wing by shiplizard

  • Recommended by Razorsmile
  • Synopsis/Author's Chapter Notes: It started when I was reading 'Bridge of Birds' and enjoying the names of the characters. Pretty Ping, Miser Shen, Fang's Flea and Fang's Fawn—and the narrator, Number Ten Ox. Descriptive and enjoyable. And then I started making up Chinese-Fable names for Dresden Files characters. And then I had to put a story to the names. And then ten thousand words later I'd written a quest fable with a bunch of references to other books and movies because why not.: .

Dress Up by Qualapec the She-Wolf

  • Recommended by Anti Jack
  • Synopsis: Molly plays dress up. Because we all know the duster is the coolest part of the outfit.

Dresden Files Comedic Shorts by Thrythlind

Bridal Shower by Thrythlind

  • Recommended by bissek
  • Synopsis: It started out with a simple case to find a missing knife. Then Dresden got called in to look at a corpse that had fangs and no blood in its body. Now he found himself walking into a case the White Council thought it had closed centuries before.

Fair Vote by Nick Chiseler

  • Recommended by pluma
  • Synopsis: The story isn't about Dresden. It's about a runaway wizard apprentice, George Saga, who, in the process of disentangling himself from a star-crossed selkie, ends up lost within the dark alleys of Miami politics. With a twist of demon.

Somnus by A Wandering Minstrel

  • Recommended by Veloren
  • Synopsis: An unusual epidemic has hit Chicago and Harry's in the thick of it. TVVERSE (with some crossover to the books).

Slash Archive by Totenkinder Madchen

  • Recommended by Veloren
  • Synopsis: The Archive discovers Slash Fic. Kincaid is slightly traumatized.


The Dresden Omens by shiplizard

  • Recommended by kph2pt0
  • Synopsis: Crossover with Good Omens. In which a demon (who did not fall from grace so much as saunter vaguely downward) is sent to tempt a hero (who's reluctant at best) and has some trouble with the job.

The Denarian Renegade by Shezza88

Harry Dresden: Agent of NERV by Yuffiek666

  • Recommended by Darkblade
  • Synopsis: Crossover with Neon Genesis Evangelion of all things. Things changed in the year 2000 when humans awoke the outside known as Adam and caused Second impact which killed two billion people, flooded the world and all but destroyed the Sidhe. Years after the Second Impact, SEELE's Head of North American Resource Management and all around criminal scum Johnny Marcone is seemingly murdered by being reduced to an unknown orange liquid. Harry as usually getting caught in the middle of this mess finds himself sent to Tokyo 3 to investigate NERV.

Iced Chaos by Lalunaticscribe

  • Recommended by Zecore Zecron
  • Synopsis: The third crossover with Bleach written by this author. Captain Hitsugaya is missing in Chicago and Harry is hired to find him. Hilarity ensues.

Dedication Through Light And Darkness: by Lalunaticscribe

  • Recommended by Zecorezecron
  • Synopsis: Duel monsters have come out to play. And since Harry is such a lucky guy, they come to Chicago. And unfortunately, it's not because he's the supernatural world's must-see-atraction of the Midwest.

Handle With Care by jedibuttercup

  • Recommended by Razorsmile
  • Synopsis: Ms. Summers might as well have worn a sign reading 'Danger to Life and Limb' in large, neon print. Fusion-fic.

Forever! by Chengar Quordath

Fallen Stars by Shockz

  • Recommended by SAMAS
  • Synopsis: Protecting an innocent young woman from the magical authorities is nothing new to Harry. Problem is, this time the girl is one Nanoha Takamachi. Harry finds himself up against a civilization that makes the White Council look downright primitive, but Nanoha does have some friends in her corner, and Harry can teach the TSAB a few things about magic they might have overlooked.

The Master of Death (Not yet fully updated FF.Net version) by Ryuugi

Ghost Story (FF.Net version) by Nuts!/Norwest (Tropes page)

  • Recommended by Gentlemens Dame 883
  • Synopsis: Mass Effect crossover, spoilers for the end of Changes and start of the eponymous canonical book. Harry Dresden is dead, and so is John Shepard circa Bring Down the Sky. Orders on high come in to send them back to the land of the living... The other guy's land of the living.

The Dresden Fillies: Strange Friends by psychicscubadiver

  • Recommended by omegaman
  • Synopsis: Crossover with My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. While escaping denizens of the Nevernever, Harry Dresden ends up in Equestria. While his first encounter with the Mane Cast begins rocky, he begins to befriend them, and none to soon. Two of the Mane Cast's old antagonists return to threaten them, and Harry finds himself helping them in their quest to stop them, all the while trying to reconcile his methods with the world of Equestria.
  • Now with a trope page!

Higher Stakes: A Fanfiction of the Dresden Files by Wild Paladin

  • Recommended by Grey Writer
  • Synopsis: Crossover with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Takes the place of (meaning "completely ignores") Ghost Story and ignores the Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight comics after the arc titled Time of Your Life. In the last stages of returning from the death he suffered at the end of Changes, Harry Dresden meets Buffy Summers, her sister Dawn, and their friend Xander Harris in the Nevernever. To Harry, Buffy and Co. are known TV figures, and Xander has read some of the Dresden Files novels. The Scooby Gang help Harry return home, and become a part of his life, eventually help him solve his murder.

Shipping Fics

Stories focused on the romantic relationships between the cast.

Eats, Shoots, and Leaves by Binz and Shiplizard

  • Recommeded by Lucia Zephyr
  • Pairings: Harry/The Erlking, Harry/Kincaid
  • Synopsis: Harry is invited to dinner and a show, not entirely in that order.

Four Reasons Long-Distance Relationships Don't Work Out (And One Reason They Definitely Do) by Kat

  • Recommended by Priscellie
  • Pairing(s): Carlos Ramirez/Molly Carpenter
  • Synopsis: Molly and Carlos attempt to make their relationship work.

The Spirit and the Letter by lightgetsin

  • Recommended by Ikki
  • Pairing(s): Harry Dresden/John Marcone
  • Synopsis: Harry Dresden fails Gender Studies 101, and that doesn't change when he temporarily swaps sexes.

other things the road to hell is paved with by lucia-tanaka

  • Recommended by Anon
  • Pairing(s): Harry Dresden/John Marcone
  • Synopsis: Another way the Baron rose to power. Another way the wizard became a Knight. Slash, mafia powerplaying, and a lot of Belligerent Sexual Tension within. AU after Fool Moon. Expanded in a book series, The Matter of Chicago.

Dry Bones Can Harm No One by beachkid and shiplizard.

  • Recommended by Razor Smile
  • Pairing(s): Harry Dresden/John Marcone, Charity Carpenter/Michael Carpenter, Anastasia Luccio/Karrin Murphy, Justine/Thomas Raith, Ebenezar McCoy/McAnally, Inari Raith/Bobby/Jake, Billy Borden/Georgia Borden, Nathan Hendricks/Sigrun Gard
  • Synopsis: Post-apocalyptic Chicago: Harry Dresden, the itinerant Winter Knight, is contacted by the errant Sheriff Karrin Murphy. Something is brutally murdering people in Wisconsin, and the local militia is driving off anyone who tries to check it out. It's up to Harry to root out the threat—and figure out where his loyalties lie, between the Faerie Court he sold himself to, and the people he's always tried to save.

Cross by lightgetsin

  • Recommended by Lucy Zephyr
  • Pairing(s): Dresden/Marcone
  • Synopsis: “Because,” Dresden said, “you’re going to bring me back.” He hesitated, looking somewhat sour. “You’re the only one who can, apparently.”

Enemy Mine by Rassaku

  • Recommended by Razor Smile
  • Pairing(s): Dresden/Marcone
  • Synopsis: Harry gets invited on a date by everyone’s favorite mob boss, and then things get weird.

Following The Evil Overlord List by Jade_Dragoness

  • Recommended by Razorsmile
  • Pairing(s): Harry Dresden/Johnny Marcone
  • Synopsis: Evil AU. Where all the good guys are bad and the bad guys are good for the most part, and inhuman monsters are still monsters. In this ‘verse, Evil!Harry sees Marcone’s soul and really wants to make him his.

The Stars and Scones Bakery and Coffee Shop by Lucy Zephyr / Lucia_tanaka on LJ.

  • Recommended by Flat Jean
  • Pairing(s): Harry Dresden/Johnny Marcone
  • Synopsis: In which Harry is the best baker in Chicago, but still ends up starting a few fires along the way.

Letter from the Front by J Rush

  • Recommended by frankystein123
  • Pairing: H. Dresden/A. Luccio
  • Synopsis: This takes place before White Knight. Harry is off on one of his Red Court expiditions and finds something strange in the jungle.

Death Becomes Me, Angels Among Us, V for Vengeance by J Rush

  • Recommended by frankystein123
  • Pairing: H. Dresden/Lash
  • Synopsis: Set after Changes and then continuing on to its own path, this three-part (loooong) story chronicles the blossoming relationship between Harry and Lash weighed against investigations against the Nickelheads, vampires, and more.

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