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  • Actor Allusion: One episode has Marion Ross and June Lockhart, playing Drew and Lewis' mothers respectively, discussing how their children are messed up because the perfect mothers on old television set the bar too high.
    • Additionally, Drew's mom was often referred to as "Mrs. C".
  • The Danza: Drew Carey is played by... Drew Carey.
  • Edited for Syndication: "Two Drews and the Queen of Poland Walk into a Bar" hasn't been seen uncut and uncensored since its premiere due to complaints from the Polish community about the jokes. Also, the episodes that aired on the super-station channel ION cut out all jokes and references to male genitalia.
  • Fake Brit: Technically British American Scotsman Craig Ferguson played Englishman Nigel Wick.
    • Fake American: When Craig Ferguson broke the Fourth Wall, he would always use an American accent.
      • In one of the April Fool's episodes, during a Hee Haw reference, he uses his real accent to do a "SAAAALUTE!" to his home town.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Only the first season is available on DVD. Apparently, music copyrights are preventing further seasons from being released.
  • The Pete Best: Before Mr. Wick, Drew had another boss in Season 1 named Mr. Bell, played by Kevin Pollack.
  • Throw It In:
    • Mimi was not intended to be a regular member of the cast but her actress was so impressive in the first episode that the producers hired her to be Drew's arch rival.
    • A bit where Drew complains about his pants bunching up when he sits down (making it look like he had an erection) came from a complaint made by an exec behind the scenes.