The Emperor and the Marty Stu

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The Emperor and the Marty Stu is an Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny fan fiction written by Arcadiarika. Basically, it's a crossover with The Arcadian Legends and Twilight, specifically two characters.

Oh, and it is the first story in the cracky The Multiverse (Mainly The Arcadian Legends) vs. Twilight Saga.

After receiving a note, the Arcadians decide to have Emperor Damien Kurogane battle a mysterious challenger. This challenger is actually Edward Cullen, and he makes a deal: if he manages to kill Damien, he would transform the other Arcadians into his own vampires. Damien tries to use his fire-type moves against Edward, but he faces an obstacle when the "vampire" deflects his attacks. Now the young Emperor must figure out a way to defeat the vampire before he ends up dead...

This story is divided into five parts, which [dead link] can [dead link] be [dead link] read [dead link] here. [dead link] An extended ending can be found here. [dead link]

Obtained a sequel, The Professor vs. the Werewolf.

Tropes used in The Emperor and the Marty Stu include: