The Freshman (1925 film)

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The Freshman, from 1925, is one of the best remembered films of famous silent movie comedian Harold Lloyd.

Lloyd stars as Harold Lamb, who leaves for Tate College with a determination to be popular. On the train to college he meets pretty Peggy (Jobyna Ralston). Harold works hard to become popular at Tate, asking people to call him "Speedy", doing a little dance when he meets strangers, and joining the football team. It backfires spectacularly, and he becomes the laughingstock of campus. Only Peggy (who turns out to be his landlady's daughter) likes him.

Harold makes the football team--as a water boy and tackling dummy, while believing he is actually on the squad. At the Fall Frolic dance Harold is cruelly stripped of his illusions, learning that he is looked upon as a fool and the butt of jokes. After a heart-to-heart with Peggy, Harold is determined to prove everyone wrong by being a hero at Tate's big football game.

This film might well be the Ur Example for Big Game, Big Man on Campus, Dean Bitterman, and Put Me in Coach. Inducted into the National Film Registry with the class of 1990.

Tropes used in The Freshman (1925 film) include: