The Heart of Thomas

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The Heart of Thomas is one of the earliest Boys Love manga (its creator, Moto Hagio, is a contemporary and friend of Keiko Takemiya, together with whom she is known as a pioneer of the genre). The story starts with a letter from the eponymous Thomas to the young man he loves, confessing his feelings and the desire to have a place in his beloved's heart. Juli, to whom the letter was addressed, appears to be indifferent to it all. However, his world was shaken further by New Transfer Student Eric, a boy with looks identical to Thomas. The two clash with each other almost immediately and many hidden problems are revealed.

Originally a Japan-only manga, The Heart of Thomas has an English-language release in the works scheduled for an August 2012 release. The manga will be translated by Matt Thorn, a veteran translator who has written several articles on boys-love manga.

Tropes used in The Heart of Thomas include: