The Kane Chronicles/Funny

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In General

  • Like in Percy Jackson and The Olympians by the same author, the chapter titles often only make sense in context. But they're nearly always hilarious out of it.
    • Highlights from To F: "We tame a Seven-Thousand-Pound Hummingbird", "The Ice Cream Man Plots Our Death", "The Revenge of Bullwinkle the Moose God", and "We Visit the House of the Helpful Hippo".

From Red Pyramid:

  • "Somebody get a can opener, I've got a god stuck in my head!

From Throne Of Fire:

  • "Oh noes, vegetables!"
    • Said by king-of-all-gods Ra, no less.
  • 1 word: Penguins.
    • "Penguin in the fireplace if anyone's interested."
    • Expanding on that, anything Felix does or says is funny to some degree.
    • Felix: Yes! I found my path. I'm supposed to follow the god of ice!
    • Carter: There's a god of ice? Egypt is a desert. Who's the ice god?
    • Felix: I have no idea!
  • Camels are evil...
  • Set's introduction in Throne of Fire. Apparently, he likes the name "Rockin' Red Reaper" better than "Evil Day". Then again who wouldn't?

From The Serpent's Shadow

  • Shelby is both adorable and hilarious beating the enemy magicians on the butt with her wand and chanting 'Die, die'.
  • The interactions between Drew and Sadie are this and awesome.
  • "Sadie, please do not call the Destroyer of Souls 'poochiekins'."
  • The return of Hindenburg the camel. "If you're confused think how the criosphynx felt."
  • The chapter where Amos/Set is fighting with Sarah Jacobi. Sadie rushes in to help her uncle, only to be nearly killed by Jacobi, and then Walt/Anubis steps in and takes care of her. The words exchanged between Set and Anubis is just lulzy:

Set: "That's my boy!"
Anubis: "Shut up, Father."